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The Atomic Charge Wallet is a unique smart wallet with an in-built battery. This allows you to carry a portal power bank with you on the move and charge devices such as a smartphone or laptop without the need for an outlet. It’s a pretty novel design and innovative idea that’s not commonly seen in wallet design. The only other example of a battery wallet we’ve come across is the SprkCharger that we reviewed back in 2022.

Today I’m going to give my honest opinion on the Atomic Charge Wallet, discuss its design, quality, and charging ability, and see whether or not this is the right wallet for you. As an ‘as seen on TV’ wallet you can watch the original commercial for the wallet below.

Look & Design

Outside of the Atomic Charge Wallet’s battery features, the wallet itself is also another unique aspect of the wallet. The wallet is in a hardcase (or hardshell) design that stores your cash and cards internally like a case. This design is quite common and is nearly identical to the Ogon Smart Case which popularised the style. This has the added benefit of acting as a shield, which not only provides RFID Security but also products your credit/debit cards and cash for the elements. 

The biggest downside to the Atomic Charge Wallet itself is its quality. The entire thing is made from plastic, and cheap plastic at that, which isn’t overly pleasant to touch and gives an almost cheap and tacky feel to the wallet. Inside cards are secured in a fanning mechanism that automatically fans your cards for easy access. This is great for quality accessing what you need at a moment’s notice, but again, is made from a real flimsy plastic that looks like it could break easily over time. 


Functionality & Utility

The main reason you’d consider the Atomic Charge Wallet is due to the main feature – The ability to charge your tech devices on the move. It does this through a mini USB Cable, that’s included with the wallet. In terms of performance, I was very surprised by how much power this wallet can store, and that’s down to its modest 2500 mAh battery

In some testing, I performed this gave about 1 to 1.5 full charges of a standard iPhone or Android device before it needs recharging itself – not bad in all honestly. The only downside I found was the charging speed which was subpar in my opinion. To fully charge a Google Pixel 5 from zero to one hundred percent took nearly 6 hours. 

Let’s now go into detail regarding how the Atomic Charge Wallet performs as an actual wallet. As mentioned earlier the wallet stores cards in an accordion or fanning style. This provides 5 individual card slots that can roughly hold 2 cards each. At its maximum, the Atmoic Wallet can store anywhere from 5 – 10 cards easily. The wallet itself doesn’t have any dedicated slots for banknotes or bills but any cash and easily be stored folded inside the wallet without any problems. 


Final Verdict

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by the performance of the Atomic Charge Wallet. With the number of tech devices, we carry with us on a daily basis it’s nice to have an alternative way to charge your device even if it’s just used for emergencies. The quality is the only real downside to the wallet I found but at a price tag of just $30.00 (and is often on offer at half price), which is incredible for what you get, I can’t really complain – it’s an absolute bargain. For more information on the Atomic Charge Wallet check out their official website by visiting the link below. 

Our Verdict

  • Quality
  • Features
  • Usability
  • Value



The quality of the Atmoic Charge wallet leaves a lot to be desired. That being said, the innovative hard case design (which is great for protection), and obvious unique charging capabilities really make this a lucrative choice. All this for just $30.00 is fantastic value for money.


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