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[The World’s First Battery Wallet]

The SprkCharger Battery Wallet is one of the most unique wallets we’ve ever tried. Smart Wallets have been popular for years now and even more so with the release of Apple’s own AirTag (and the craze of AirTag Wallets that followed). That being said, never before have we ever come across a wallet that allows for charging your devices when on the move and that got me, someone, who’s been in the wallet industry for years, very excited.

SprkCharger’s mission and original idea that spawned the SprkCharger was the idea that our current range of everyday carry accessories don’t fit our current lifestyles and accessories need to be developed to correct this. Their flagship product, their Battery Wallet, does exactly this providing people who a seamless way to charge their devices on the move all within a compact wallet.

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SprkCharger was generous enough to send me two SprkCharger Wallets to test out (and a bunch of accessories). Over the past few months, I’ve been using the SprkCharger Wallet as my daily driver using the wallet in my daily life to see how functional and effective the wallet really is. This article will go into full detail regarding the functionality, design, and overall effectiveness of this unique wallet. Below is our video unboxing video of the SprkCharger Battery Wallet.

Look & Design

Aside from the Battery charging capabilities of the SprkCharger Wallet the other most notable aspect of the wallet is its design. On first inspection, the wallet looks like nothing any wallet we’ve ever seen on the market. Its all-metal design, being made from a strong and durable stainless steel alloy, takes center stage, and even compared to other famed metal wallets (such as the Ridge Wallet) the SprkCharger still has a distinctive look that can’t be mistaken for anything else. Love it or hate it, the design is very unique. Available in two colors black and silver and a combination of both black and silver. 

The size of the wallet is also worth talking about. At only 65 x 93 x16 mm the wallet is very slim and compact firming placing it as a so-called Minimalist Wallet – one that is comfortable to carry in both a front or back pocket and helps streamline your everyday carry. A smaller wallet also helps with what’s known as fat wallet syndrome which is an issue caused by large bulky wallets that can cause back pain and long-term damage. 


One aspect of the wallet, I was a little wary of was the weight of the wallet. After all, any device/product that includes a battery is going to be heavier than one that doesn’t. Coming in at 4.4 oz (or 124 Grams) The SprkCharger Wallet definitely does have some weight to it. Just picking it up did surprise me and compared to other metal wallets, such as the Ridge, does weigh significantly more. For Context, the Ridge Wallet comes in at 60 grams which is 64 grams less than the SprkCharger. 

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but for certain people, the additional weight might be a little too much and it can oftentimes become more cumbersome to carry when out and about. 

Overall, the overall design of the SprkCharger is a divisive one. On one hand, it’s highly unique, well-built, and durable. There’s no doubt this wallet is built to last and its use of premium materials and exemplary build quality matches even the most durable wallets on the market today. Yet its overall design leaves a lot to the imagination. Design is something that is completely subjective although I feel SprkCharger could do a little more to make the wallet look less like an electric device and more like a wallet. 

Functionality & Utility

Along with the charging abilities of the SprkCharger Wallet, we still need to talk about how effective the wallet is as – well – an actual wallet. After all, even though the innovative aspect of this wallet is its charging capabilities, it still needs to function as a dedicated device for storing your cash and cards. This is achieved through an attached metal money clip that sits on the back of the wallet. 

If you’ve ever used an Apple Mac then you’ll be aware of their innovative charging port that uses magnets to easily connect your charging cable to your device. SprkCharger’s Patented Magnetic Connector works in a similar way using magnets to easily snap your charging cord into place with minimal effort but with the same effectiveness. A blue light indicates the wallet or other devices are connecting and charging also acts as a battery light indicator to show how much charge is left on the wallet (with 4 lights indicating full battery). 

The cable included with the wallet has quickly become one of my favorites to use even outside of use with the SprkCharger Wallet. The included Fray-proof cable is perfect for everyday use as it benefits from the Magnetic connector and interchangeable heads for your connectors allowing you to swap between Lightning (Apple), Micro-USB, and USB-C on the move all with the same cable (more on the cable later).


For such a small device the SprkCharger really does pack a punch when it comes to its battery and how long it can charge. The wallet uses a 2,900 mAh battery (Lithium-Ion) which allows your wallet to charge devices several times over before the wallet needs to recharge itself. As shown in the image below it has a little cord (2.5 inches in length) that can be extended outwards and can be moved around easily for adjusting the position for ease of use and charging in various positions. 

Another nice feature of the SprkCharger Wallet is the inclusion of RFID Blocking Technology as standard. RFID standards for Radio Frequency Identification and is a security system in place to protect your credit/debit cards against a crime known as ‘card skimming’. This crime is on the rise thanks to the popularity of contactless payments which allows criminals to swipe and steal money from you using this technology. RFID Blocks these signals and prevents this. 

Overall, the SprkCharger Wallet is every bit functional as other similar Metal Wallets on the market. It can store a decent amount of credit/debit cards and cash all easily accessible within the cleverly designed money clip. Cash and cards are very secure and pass a shake test with flying colors, which also shows the overall durability and strength of the wallet. 


Using the SprkCharger

So the most important aspect of using the SprkCharger is obviously its ability to charge. After all, if this doesn’t work or isn’t effective what’s the point of buying it? Over the few months, I used the wallet I tried many tests utilizing the charging features of the wallet.

  • Charging Speed: This simple test was seeing how fast it took my phone (Pixel 5) to charge from 0% battery to 10% battery. This provides a good indication of how fast it takes to charge the entire device from a dead battery. After trying this 3 times the average time it took to charge our smartphone 10% was 9 minutes and 15 seconds. This means that it would on average take 1 hour 30 minutes to fully charge a device from 0% to 100%. SprkCharger also states their wallet charges 22% faster than Qi Wireless Charging technology.
  • How Many Charges Can You Get? This test looked at how quickly the SprkCharger Battery drains and how many charges can you get out of a single charger of the SprkCharger’s 2,900 mAh battery. We found you can get around 1.5 charges before you’ll need to recharge the device.
  • Charging in a Pocket: Although the SprkCharger is best used when not moving about I was curious how effective the wallet would be at charging directly within your pocket. Does the connector come loose? Is having a phone and wallet in the same pocket too bulky? In a nutshell yes, as the SprkCharger uses a magnetic connection that can easily become loose and disconnect. 

SprkCharger Accessories

Along with the SprkCharger Wallet, you can also get your hands on a range of accessories that work with, or separately, the wallet. Below is a quick summary of these accessories and what they can offer you.

    • SprkCharger Slim Battery: This accessory is basically a portable charger and doesn’t include any storage for cash or cards. Why is this better than other portable charging devices? Well, it’s not only compact and small in size (64 x 91 x 4.8mm), but also comes with SprkCharger’s Magnetic Connector. This comes in at a price tag of $79.99.
    • SprkCharger Cable Wrap: A unique and effective way to keep your loose cables tidy. The Wrap, as the name suggests, allows for cables to be easily organized yet accessible at ease. This device itself only comes in at 54 x 85.6 x 12.1 mm so it’s also highly portable. This comes in at a price tag of $39.99. 
    • SprkCharger Stand: This docking station is purpose-built and made to work with the innovative Magnetic Connector. The stand will cost you $24.99.
    • SprkCharger Additional Connectors: If you lose or want additional connectors for your SprkCharger Cables then you can do. These will cost $14.99. 
Final Verdict

Overall we highly enjoyed our time using the SprkCharger Battery Wallet. In a crowded market, this innovative battery wallet is a breath of fresh air combining innovative design, minimalism, and technology together to create a type of wallet never before seen. Its charging capabilities are good and with a 2,900 mAh battery, the peace of mind you get when on the move is not to be understated. Along with this, the wallet is simply good, functional, and effective as a wallet battery aside.

At a price tag of $149.99, the SprkCharger isn’t a cheap wallet. Nevertheless, if you’re somebody who prides on the ability to charge your device on the move, and oftentimes finds yourself running low on battery, then this is a fantastic option for you. The price tag is definitely justified thanks to the sheer innovativeness of the SprkCharger and the simple fact this wallet is your only option if you’re looking for a battery wallet. 

The folks at SprkCharger were kind enough to provide our website and readers with a discount code for 15% Off your order of a SprkCharger Wallet. To claim this discount all you need to do is apply coupon code ‘ALLTHEWALLETS15’ at checkout (which will save you around $22.50). For more information on the SprkCharger Battery Wallet, and all its accessories, visit their official website by visiting the link below. 


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