KeySmart Urban Slim Wallet Review

The Good
  • The leather is very innovative, durable, and water-resistant. With proper care, it could last a lifetime. 
  • With the purchased separately GPS Tracker, the Urban wallet is one of the cheapest Smart Wallets on the market. 
The Bad
  • Small Capacity of only 6 cards and cash needs to be folded. Although this is typical of a minimalist wallet so it can be expected. 
  • The feel of the TecTuff Leather is a little odd but you do get used to it. 

KeySmart is most famous for its range of key organization tools that provide an easy way to store and use your keys. I’ve been familiar with KeySmart for a while, cos I use one of their competitors, and was surprised they’d expanded into men’s wallets. Not only that but their signature wallet, the Urban Wallet, is highly unique with a few stand out features including GPS Tracking (that’s to the Tile Smart Tracker) and its unusual material TecTuff.

Like many companies we review, KeySmart was first founded in through a successful Kickstarter campaign back in 2014  where they successfully raised over $300,00 for their original KeySmart. With the success of KeySmart, they’ve gone onto developing a huge range of products (over 50) including a range of wallets, multi-tools, and flashlights, and knives. KeySmart is truly innovative and standard for creating products that improve products with simple solutions. Today we’re going to be reviewing the Urban wallet and looking into how well this innovative little wallet compares to others on the market. 


What is the Wallet Made from?

What makes the wallet really stands out is its material being made from what’s known as TecTuff Leather. TecTuff is a material made and produced by a company of the same name. Over the years they’ve honed down this unusual leather to create a hardy and durable wallet with some fantastic credentials including, scratch and scuff resistance, water resistance, durability to last approximately 10 times longer than traditional leather, and a unique look and feel. The Urban wallet is the only example on the market that uses Tectuff material and in that regard makes the wallet very unique. The material is available in two colors including grey and black.

What are the Wallets Features?

The first thing to note about the KeySmart Urban Wallet is its size. Coming in at just 3.95 in x 2.65 in x 0.40 in that wallet firmly fits in the minimalist category, being only just larger than a standard credit/debit card and thin enough to easily fit in a front or back pocket without being felt or uncomfortable. The capacity of the wallet isn’t too bad either. The Urban can store up to 6 cards easily with an included card barrier to secure your cards in place. At the button front of the wallet is also a cutout in the leather which acts as a quick access slot for easy access to your cards. A side pocket is also included which can store a satisfactory amount of cash but it does have to be folded to fit correctly. 

One of the most notable features of the Urban Wallet is its compatibility with the popular tracking device Tile. Tile is famous for its range of portable tracking devices that can be attracted to objects for easy tracking through GPS. Key Smart we’re quite clever in including a card slot that perfectly fits one of the Tile devices the Slim Pocket. One major issue with buying a Tile Tracker is finding a place to actually store it. Most wallets don’t accommodate such a device properly and you usually end up with a bulky bulge or wriggle room where such a device could fall out. 


Is it a Reasonable Price?

The Keysmart Urban comes in at a very affordable price tag of $39.99. After having used the wallet for a month or so, I found it very pleasing to use with easy access to cards and durability that matches materials such as titanium or steel. Because of this, I have no doubt the Urban Wallet could last a very long time with proper care, and at only $39.99 that’s a bargain. Keysmart also offers a very genius 2-year warranty that shows there confidence for the lifespan of the wallet. 

That being said if you want to maximize the wallets potential you will need to purchase a Tile Slim with it (or that slot will be effectively pointless). Luckily, KeySmart allows you to purchase the two together for a total of $59.99 saving $10.00 if you were to purchase the two separately. Is $59.99 a good price for a smart wallet? The answer is absolutely yes and by quite some margin. 

What are the alternatives?

The two defining features of the Urban Wallet by Keysmart is the smart wallet features (made possible by the Tile Slim) and the unique Tectuff Material. Because of this the wallets I’ve only to recommend you check out as alternatives to the Urban Wallet have similar unique material or features made possible by other smart devices like Tile. 

Pioneer Ion Wallet (A slim wallet made from either 10XD or 3PN, two materials with incredible durability and resistant properties). 

Hawbuck Dyneema Wallet (A wallet made from Dyneema material, that provides many of the same benefits to Tectuff).

Ekster Parliament Wallet  (A cascading card Wallet that also has a dedicated slot for a smart tracking device).

Innway Accent Wallet (A Smart wallet that has its Smart tracker inbuilt seamlessly inside the wallet for a no faff experience).


Final Verdict

Overall, my experience using the KeySmart Urban Wallet was very enjoyable. The simplicity of the wallet really shone and for its size has incredible versatility in its storage of cash and cards. Although not necessary, the Tile Tracking device was handy at times and is barley noticeable inside the Urban Wallet. The only negative thing I can say about the wallet is the Tile card slot is a bit pointless if you choose not to purchase a Tile Tracker, and the materials feel is a bit weird. For more information on the KeySmart Wallet, or on TecTuff as a material, check out their corresponding websites using the link below. 


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