Il Bussetto Bifold Wallet Review

The Good
  • The leather is really unique with a smooth and shiny texture. It’s crafted using a unique Tuscan Leather technique.
  • The leather is also highly durable and comes in a fantastic range of unique colors to choose from.
The Bad
  • The wallet is boring in terms of its overall design. 
  • The leather, although great in many respects, does not develop a rich patina like most wallets at this price tag.

Founded in Milan, Italy, back in 2004, Il Bussetto is one of the unique leathercraft companies in Italy. After forging a career for him in the leather trade, founder Mauro Gobbi was attracted by the uniqueness of an unusual Tuscan leather technique he stumbled across while working. The crafting technique and distinctive texture of this leather are so unique in practice but also produces leather goods that are instantly recognizable as Il Bussetto. Today, the founder continues to perfect his vision to achieve the highest quality goods so people can experience uniqueness in the products they purchase. 

Il Bussetto now produces a wide variety of leather goods, including bags, smoking apparel, belts, watches, and of course, wallets. The specific wallet we’re going to be reviewing today is the classic leather bi-fold. Let’s now delve into what the Il Bussetto wallet can offer you.  


What is the Wallet Made from?

One thing that is consistent across the entire Il Bussetto range of goods is the distinctive leather that’s used. The leather used in all Il Bussetto products is a Cuoio leather (an Italian translation that means ‘true leather’) crafted from a unique Tuscan leather craft technique. This technique involves using wooden molds and creates a wallet without any seams or stitching. This creates a minimalist look, and alongside its smooth, shiny finish, I can firmly say I’ve never come across a leather quite like it.  

The only negative I have about the leather type is the fact it’ll never develop a patina like most premium leather wallets. The leather is still top quality, but the engineering process of this distinctive look prevents this from happening. So, if you’re someone who doesn’t like patina, and loves their belongings to look fresh and new, this might be the wallet for you. 

Finally, Il Bussetto also provides customization options with a wide range of variety of color options to choose from. While most brands might stick to typically brown or blacks, Il Bussetto has some unique color offerings, including coralred (deep red), and navy blue, along with brown and black.

What are the Wallets Features?

The wallet doesn’t ‘WOW’ me in terms of its features, but it does a great job at your typical credit/debit card storage and cash. With two bill compartments for easy organization and eight individual card slots (for around a 12 card capacity), the Il Bussetto does the job nicely for people who carry more with them daily. I wouldn’t recommend this wallet to people who like minimalism as the wallet is relatively large (11.5 x 9 x 2cm) and would be unnecessary for you.


Is it a Reasonable Price?

At a price tag of €103.70 (or €85 for non-EU), the Il Bussetto Bifold Wallet is a fantastic original take on the traditional bi-fold, mainly thanks to the distinctive leather used. Given the uniqueness of the wallet, the materials, and the durability I’ve found the wallet to have, I’d say this price tag is very reasonable. If this is a little too expensive for you, then you can consider one Il Bussetto’s other more affordable wallets. For example, the Bill clip (91.50), magic card wallet (74.42), or cardholder (56.12). 

What are the alternatives?

The Il Bussetto range, in terms of their designs, is not the most imaginative wallets on the market. What makes  Il Bussetto special is the Cuoio leather and unique craftsmanship of this range. Because of that, I’ve chosen a range of wallets that also go above and beyond in creating a name for themselves with a unique material choice.

Andar Wallets (Use of Crazy Horse Leather).

Pioneer Wallets (Use of 10XD or 3PN).

Postalco Wallets (Use of Pressed Cotton).

Flipside Wallet (Use of Plastic).


Final Verdict

I enjoyed my time using the Il Bussetto bi-fold wallet. I’m not going to say its perfect as it can be a bit boring from a functionality perspective. That being said, the leather and craftsmanship are on point, comparable to some of the best wallet manufacturers I’ve come across to date. The price tag is reasonable, and the range of prices makes it, so there’s something for everyone. For more information on  Il Bussetto, and their range of wallets and leather goods, check out their official website using the link below.


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