The Zeroz Wallet Review

Where Style Meets Function

Less Wallet – More Cool. That’s the tagline of the very unique Zeroz Wallet. With its minimalist design, full-grain leather body, and tones of customization options, The Zeroz Wallet has a lot going for it. Let’s take a closer look at what the Zeroz Wallet could offer you and see if it’s worthy of being your next wallet. 

Inside the leather is a plastic insert that has two functions. The first is an easy way to gain access to your credit/debit cards. This is achieved thanks to a little plastic flap that sticks outside the leather and allows you, to grab, pull and slide your cards out effortlessly. The second is providing some much-needed rigidity to the wallet. The plastic insert acts as the wallet’s skeleton, so to speak, and also allows for better organization of your cards. 

On the reverse side of the wallet is a rubber strap that runs parallel to the wallet and is made for the storage of your banknotes or any paper items you wish to carry with you. This hardy, yet flexible piece of rubber is strong and allows for storage of up to 5-7 bills folded

One thing to note is the Zeroz Wallet comes in a variety of different sizes. This allows you to choose a wallet that is exactly to your own needs. The three different versions include an Extra Small (which can store anywhere from 2-3 cards), Small (which can store up to 4-6 cards), and Medium, their largest size, which can store around 8-10 cards. Coming in at a size just slightly larger than a classic credit/debit card the wallet is comfortable to carry in either a front or back pocket and remains slim and unnoticeable either if you choose the larger size. 

Finally, we must talk about the huge variety of different color options and design the Zeroz Wallet is available in. In total, we counted over 50+ different designs available to choose from on the Zeroz website. This ranges from classic colors such as blacks, and browns, to intricately crafted designs with textures and embossed lines and imagery. 

Overall, The Zeroz Wallet is a fantastic little wallet that exceeded our expectations. Its simplicity is what makes it and its intuitive design, range of styles, and minimalist design all make it a functional and attractive wallet. The price of the Zeroz is dependent on the design/type you choose. They start at a modest $40.00 and range as high as $115.00 for the more premium designs. For more information on the Zeroz Wallet check out their official website by clicking the link below. 

  • Functionality 66% 66%
  • Design 74% 74%
  • Price 63% 63%



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