The Hawbuck Dyneema Wallet Review

1. Introduction

2. Look & Design

3. Functionality 

4. Price Tag

5. Final Verdict

  • Functionality
  • Design
  • Value



The Good
  • Made from the fantastic material Dyneema with great properties such as high durability, stretch resistant, and waterproof.
  • A lovely array of colors and patterns to choose from that really make the wallet stand out.
  • The great low price of between $30.00 – $40.00 makes the wallet affordable for most people.
The Bad
  • Cards can be quite loose in the wallet which made me fearful they might fall out accidentally over time.
  • The Hawbuck doesn’t fit all banknote denominations.
  • The feel of the material is probably not to everyone’s liking. It can be quite rough or corse on the hands. 

I’ve always been interested in wallets made from unique materials. If you’ve found this review then I bet you’re the same. This led me to discover Dyneema, originally known as Cuben Fiber, which has a reputation as being one of the strongest materials in the world. Used for decades in military and industrial applications the hardy material has risen in popularity in the fashion and outdoor apparel industry as it’s amazing properties outperform many of the traditionally used materials such as leather or elastic.

With Dyneema in mind, I did a quick search for wallets made from this elusive material and found only one brand – Hawbuck. This independent brand has risen to fame becoming a small cult brand among a range of Dyneema enthusiasts. Hawbnuck strives to develop the best Dyneema wallets on the market and continually strive for excellence with their frugal designs, careful manufacturing, and amazing customer service. Let’s now take a closer look at what the Hawbuck range of Dyneema wallets has to offer.

Look & Design

Obviously the most important aspect of Hawbuck’s Wallet design is the material. As mentioned the Dyneema material is considered one of the strongest materials on the planet. The material is highly durable, and can’t be ripped or torn. I decided to do a few tests to see if it was possible to ‘destroy’ this material and unless I took a pair of scissors to it I couldn’t. 

Along with its durability the wallet also is very lightweight (The Hawbuck comes in at just 5 grams without cash or cards). The material is also water-resistant, and won’t absorb moisture. This makes the wallet great for outdoor activities such as cycling (for sweating) or when camping. Keep in mind that although the Dyneema is water-resistant the contents of the wallet are still exposed and won’t be. Just something to keep in mind. 

The material is also low stretch and won’t expand overtime loosening the grip the material has on your cash and cards. This adds to the wallet’s amazing durability and gives peace of mind the wallet could, in fact, last a lifetime that’s to the amazing properties of Dyneema.

Finally, the Hawbuck wallet also comes in a great array of unique colors and patterns. From white, see-through, and black to unique geometric designs and abstract designs the Hawbuck have developed a fantastic range of wallets with distinct patterns that really make the wallet, and brand, stand out from the crowd. 

Functionality & Utility 

The wallet is designed in a very typical bi-fold style with each side of the wallet providing areas for storing cards and a large full-width note slot at the top. The wallet has a max capacity of around 8 – 10 credit/debit cards (4-5 on each side) and enough room for a small number of banknotes. This capacity is on the low side for many people but shouldn’t be an issue for people looking for a more minimalist size wallet. These card slots also have Quick access ‘cut out’ slots on each side of the wallet for easy access to cards at a slide of a finger which is great. 

The wallet’s storage of physical banknotes can also be an issue depending on the country you come from the denomination of the note. The wallet can easily store all US banknotes but has some trouble fitting many of the larger countries in other countries such as the UK or Europe. For example, the €50 Note is too tall for the Hawbuck’s size that would create an overhang on the wallet with the top of the note sticking out on top. That being said, various different models of the Hawbuck range do accommodate all currencies so please take a look at them. 

The Hawbuck’s size is also worth mentioning. Coming in at just 2.8″ x 7.75″, and weighing just 5 grams, the wallet is very slim and in use can easily be stored in a front or back pocket with ease and can’t be felt. The wallet is also incredibly thin coming in at just a few millimeters thick, but this does differ depending on the amount of cash and cards stored in the wallet. 

Price Tag

The Hawbuck wallet comes in at a very affordable price tag of between $30.00 – $40.00 depending on the design you choose. I personally feel this is a very fair price. Considering this is a small brand, and each wallet is handmade to order, I think Hawbuck has priced its wallet’s very competitively and I’d be more than happy to pay this price for a wallet of this quality. For a wallet that could last a lifetime thanks to the unique material the price tag is very affordable and well priced for everyone to consider.

Final Verdict

The Hawbuck Dyneema Wallet is a fantastic little affordable wallet that uses the amazing qualities of the Dyneema material well. The wallet does have a few issues (cash storage for large denominations & card slippage) but overall performs very well in practice. For more information on Hawbuck’s full range of Dyneema wallet’s check out their official website using the link below.


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