The ESNTL Wallet Review

A Wallet that does it all!

Every so often you stumble across a wallet that tries to do it all. Think a bit like Frankenstein’s monster with a wallet made from ideas from a variety of styles of wallets all pieced together in a feature-filled, innovative design. This is exactly what the ESNTL Wallet is trying to achieve. Why create a boring, simple wallet when you can create one that tries to do it all? Let’s take a closer look at what the ESNTL Wallet could offer you and see if it’s worth its price tag. 

The ESNTL Wallet is designed in a minimalist bi-fold style design made to be as compact as possible. Coming in at just slightly larger than a standard credit/debit card and can easily be stored in a front or back pocket without any discomfort. Along with this, As we mentioned earlier the ESNTL Wallet is actually quite compact in size especially compared to other bifolds on the market. That being said, it actually has tonnes of space and a variety of features to get the most bang for your buck, but also functionality out of your purchase. In total, the ESNTL Wallet can hold up to 10 credit/debit cards.

Another fantastic aspect of the ESNTL Wallet is its choice of material. When I first unboxed this wallet I was really impressed with not only the thickness of the leather but its color and durability. I was then surprised to find out the leather is actually Vegan which has zero impact on the environment – amazing stuff.  The two-tone colors of the ESNTL’s leather are lovely and really bring the wallet to life. Surprisingly this is one of the only two-tone wallets we’ve come across for quite some time. 

Quick access slot located on the side. This is an elastic pull tab that once pulled automatically slides one of your credit/debit cards out. This is much easier than trying to fumble about trying to access it. Other features include the ability to store multiple keys and a concealed zipper slot for storing smaller items such as coins – this wallet really does do it all. 

Overall, we were delighted by the sheer functionality and quality of the ESNTL Wallet had to offer. It very much is a jack of all trades and does so in a way that doesn’t compromise the quality or look and feel of the wallet. Everything just works nicely and I found myself coming back to this wallet time and time again as it always has everything I need for cash, card, and even key storage. For more information on the ESNTL Wallet check out their official website by using the link below.

  • Functionality 92% 92%
  • Design 87% 87%
  • Price 76% 76%



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