The Innway Accent Wallet Review

It’s been a while since I’ve had the opportunity to review a wallet before it’s come onto the market. The Innway Accent wallet, while currently being funded on Kickstarter, is exactly this and has amazing potential as your next EDC. 

At present, the Innway Accent is sitting comfortably having raised over $14K at the time of writing with 2 weeks left to go. I’m in no doubt they’ll successfully reach their funding goal (80% of the way there) as in the brief time I’ve had the wallet it’s performed spectacularly in a range of different areas from its great accessibility and its range of innovative smart features (more on this later). 

We believe in using technology to help people locate things that matter to them most. We use our expertise in hardware and software to create innovative products. Our mission is to empower our users to leverage technology to make their lives less stressful’.

Look & Design

The design of the Innway is way similar to a few other successful wallets that also found fame through Kickstarter (mainly the Esker wallet). The design is a combination of metal and leather, with the leather being wrapped around a metal device that stores your cards while the leather adds protection while acting as an efficient way to store banknotes.

The Innway Accent wallet offers a range of color options. The version I received was very sexy all black but also includes the choice between brown, blue and red. The colors are rich in appearance and the whole wallet feels good in the hand. The wallet is very durable and well built. The leather is premium artisanal leather and the metal inside is sturdy and robust. The wallet does have a bit of weight to it but that’s to be expected from a product made from metal, leather and has components of technology integrated. 

This wallet is much smaller than many other wallets currently on the market coming in at 10cm x 6.7cm. Although it isn’t the smallest wallet on the market it finds a nice balance between size and maintaining good functionality. This is something I like about the Innway Accent. They utilize the wallet’s smaller space efficiently not sacrificing the functionality of the wallet for a smaller size.

Functionality & Utility 

Where the wallet really shines is its features. As mentioned earlier the innways main device for storage is through the metal device that forms the framework for how the wallet stores bank cards. This is done through a cascading mechanism. With the simple pull of a lever – located on the underside of the wallet – up to 6 cards seamlessly Cascade out the top of the wallet giving you easy access whichever card you need. This sort of way of storing cards has always been one of my favorites. Although it does somewhat limit the number of cards you can carry it provides an easy, effective and fast way to access what you need on a daily basis. 

The Innway Accent also comes with RFID Blocking technology as standard. For those who don’t know, RFID is a way to prevent contactless card fraud which is on the rise as more and more people start using contactless payments. It’s a crime currently on the rise and I always say it’s best to be safe and steer towards a wallet that has this feature straight out of the box.

Note storage is handled through the leather casing that fits around the metal frame. The primary function is to provide great and efficient storage for banknotes. Once the leather casing is opened the wallet takes the appearance of a tri-fold style wallet. A clever piece of leather – triangular in shape lies flush against the wallet. Here you can place any notes under the leather flap that keeps your notes secure. This method also provides easy access to the cash as seen in the video below.

To keep the wallet closed the Innway has a really satisfying magnetic closure to keep the wallet closed and secure. It reminds me of the Apple Mac’s way of keeping the charging cable from accidentally disconnecting. If you’re a Mac user then I’m sure you know what I mean and it’s a very clever and useful feature to have. 

Smart Features

What makes Accent smart? It comes with the Innway finder built-in so it can use the smart functions of the Innway app on your phone. Innway put a lot of thought into how people use wallets nowadays, and we incorporated smart design features to make the Accent a modern wallet.

The app – available on Android and iPhone – currently sits at 3.3 stars with over 1000 ratings. Personally speaking, I didn’t find any issues with the app and it worked seamlessly. But I decided to go on a little ‘review hunt’ to see whether I could better gauge some of the issues people were having. 

From what I could see the majority of the poorer reviews were from people complaining about little bugs. These bugs were not apparent when I used the app and I assume these have all been fixed in updates over time. Bugs, such as the ones mentioned in the reviews, are to be expected from a new company so they shouldn’t be a worry as long as they get fixed quickly and don’t directly inhibit the functionality of the app.

The functionality of the app and the wallet itself is nice. The app has a find your phone features which allow you to use your wallet to locate your phone if it’s missing. This can also be done in reverse with the app allowing you to locate your Innway accent. This is done through a loud beeping noise. The app also lets you view a map of the current location of your wallet. This is best if you’ve lost or left your phone somewhere. Charging your wallet is done though a clip with two tiny contacts located in the upper inside leather of the wallet. The Innway only takes 2 hours to fully charge and is said to last 6 months with moderate use. 

Final Verdict

Although the Innway isn’t currently on the market, at retail, the wallet is said to cost $99.00 which is a higher-end price tag. I honestly think this is a fine price and to be expected from a smart wallet integrated with technology. I recommend the Innway Accent to anyone who really wants to step into the smart wallet world and would like a wallet with a sleek look and functionality to match. For more information on the Innway Accent wallet check out their Kickstarter campaign here, or click the link below to visit their website. 


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