The Fidelo Minimalist Wallet Review

The Good
  • A great attractive looking design made from fantastic materials such as carbon fiber and durable elastic.
  • Great capacity fo cash and cards considering its smaller size.
  • A very affordable price tag. Currently on offer at around half price.
The Bad
  • No color variations. Can only customize the color of the included elasticated bands.
  • Cash can be a little fiddly to access as it has to be folded to be stored correctly.

Fidelo is a brand I first discovered when trawling through Amazon for a cheap yet premium quality wallet. With over 1,300 ratings at between 4.5/5 stars and a unique and innovative design, the Fidelo Minimalist Wallet immediately took my fancy. The FIDELO brand was created to stay committed and promote the simple lifestyle and the advantages that go with this.

With an emphasis on making the switch to a minimalist wallet and slowly begin to declutter your mind and life. Designed in North America, and with a risk-free money-back guarantee, Fidelo makes it so if you’re unsure about the perks of a minimalist wallet then you can indeed take advantage of Fidelo’s unique money-back guarantee. 

How Unique is the Wallet?

The Fidelo Wallet is an unusual looking wallet down to its vibrant color palette and use of materials not normally seen in everyday wallets. It’s exterior is made up of Carbon Fiber Plates that are shaped identical to a credit/debit card with the exception of a cutout at the bottom for easier access to cash and cards. Holding these carbon fiber plates together is an elasticized band that keeps everything in place and also acts as a way to store cash. Overall, I find the wallet very attractive and unique and it’s sure to turn heads when it comes to its individual look and innovative style. 

What are the Wallets Features?

The Fidelo Minimalist is a compact ultra-slim wallet that will fit comfortably into any of my shirt or trouser pockets. The minimalist wallet has some exciting extra features such as point of attachment, bottle opener, and space for keeping your spare key. The Fidelo wallet is capable of holding up to 15 cards with ease and is easy to organize your cards.

The wallet has a smart beveled edge, which will make reinserting of cards easily and prevent the surface of my card from scratching. The RFID protection helps prevent my card from thieves stealing cash by scanning information from credit and debit cards. The only thing I dislike about the wallet is that when ejecting the cards, they do not cascade, you have to drag them out.


What’s the Wallet Made From?

The prestige minimalist wallet is made from the best grade 4k carbon fiber, which is more durable than steel. It feels amazing and can withstand scratches and can last for years without even when put through extreme conditions. The minimalistic design of the wallet also offers amazing functionality, providing a uniquely user-friendly experience coming in 4 different colors including blue, silver, and black (although this is only for the elastic band). 

The only other material used in the wallet is the elasticated band that fits securely around the center of the wallet to keep anything secured and in place. This elastic is quite durable but keeps a decent level of elasticity for easy storage and access of credit/debit cards. Overall, the wallet is of great quality and I was impressed by its durability, yet lightweight nature thanks to the Carbon Fiber exterior. 

Is it a good price?

The Fidelo Minimalist Wallet comes in at a reasonable price tag of $37.90 but currently reduced to a price of $25.90. Objectively speaking, I find this to be a reasonable price for the wallet you get. The materials and general quality of the wallet exceeded my expectations and in practice, the wallet works well. If anything, at its currently reduced price tag I really can’t complain as it’s a good all-around wallet.

What are the alternatives?

Although the Fidelo Carbon Fiber Wallet may be unique it doesn’t mean there isn’t a decent array of alternatives that might take your fancy instead. The Fidelo is a minimalist wallet with an unusual almost futuristic design so as alternatives I’ve chosen other wallets that are similar in these two ways. See some of these alternatives below. 

The Vext Slim Wallet 

The Aviator Metal Wallet

The Spine Titanium Wallet

The Classic Ridge Wallet

Final Verdict

I was pleasantly surprised by what the Fidelo Minimalist Wallet had to offer and its build quality and design took me aback, as I wasn’t used to getting as good quality as the wallet offered at its price tag. I think the wallet is a great pick for people who are looking for that ‘alternative’ design and love the unique look and feel of carbon fiber material. You should also want a wallet that is more on the slimmer side, that will carry less but will provide you with a lighter and more compact everyday carry. For more information on the Fidelo Minimalist Wallet check them out on Amazon using the link below.


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