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The Vext Slim Wallet Review

I don’t often write dedicated reviews for wallets currently being funded on crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter, but every now and then a wallet comes along that is so different, so innovative, it warrants a review all on its own. Today I’m talking about the Vext Slim wallet, a highly attractive minimalist wallet from the team at Sleek Life Designs.

The guys at Sleek Life Designs are no stranger to Kickstarter success. Their first campaign, back in 2017, was a resounding success raising over $42,000 for their first innovative wallet The Vessel (see the original campaign here). Their second campaign, a unique fidget device, was also higher success also raising funding in the 6 figure range. Let’s now take an in-depth look at what the new Vext wallet has to offer.

‘We exist to make better designed, crafted, and thought out versions of the basics. Founded by a group of entrepreneurs and product designers whose minds don’t stop moving. We launched with our first project, Vessel Wallet, on Kickstarter and after a successful campaign evolved into a small company’.

Look & Design

The Vext is a stripped-back, increasingly minimalist wallet that aims to streamline your everyday carry to the max. The first thing to mention is the Vext’s material. Made from the highest quality aircraft grade aluminum the wallet uses a material with fantastic properties for daily use. This includes being lightweight, durable and hardy meaning the wallet doesn’t feel bulky in use and is one that can last a lifetime with care. The wallet feels great in the hand, something that can only be felt with the feel of high quality, brushed metal. 

The Vext is also available in Carbon Fiber that gives the wallet a distinctive look but keeps the same properties as the metal version. Both are equally beautiful with the metal version available in a small, but attractive, range of colors including black, silver, and pink.

Functionality & Utility 

 Where the Vext wallet really shines is in its clever design and range of features. Firstly, the Vext has a distinct V-shaped window that lets you easily swipe through your cards to easily find the one you want. By simply swiping the cards you don’t want in a downwards motion, you can easily find the card you need without having to remove other cards in the process – an issue found with a lot of other wallets on the market. 

Speaking of capacity and cards, the wallet can hold up to a maximum of 9 cards and holds then in a tight secure fashion to prevent slippage. The guys at Sleek life designs have also created a patent-pending system by which cards are held securely meaning that no matter how many cards you’re carrying, you can be certain none of them will fall out. 

Finally, the Vext comes with a very strong and sturdy elasticated cash band that is used for holding any physical banknotes you carry with you. Notes are folded up to a smaller size and slid under the band for maximum security. It’s also worth mentioning the Vext’s cash band also has a secret pouch, or compartment, that can be used to hold and secure additional small items such as coins or keys.

Price Tag

Although we can’t be sure of the retail price of the Vext wallet we can make sure predictions to the retail price once the wallet becomes available to purchase. Their other very similar wallet, The Veered, currently retails at $64.99 which is a great price considering this wallet is much larger than the Vext with a draw system for storing small items. You can also pledge the minimum $35 on the Kickstarter campaign to get your hands on the standard (none carbon fiber) version of the wallet. So I predict the wallet will be around $35.00 – $45.00 when the wallets are available at retail.  

I think that’s an amazing price for the wallet you get. Just take a look at some of the other metal wallets on the market and it becomes clear that the Vext is very well priced, and is an incredible value for what you get. I did some calculations based on some of the top metal wallets on the market (Ridge, Decadent, and Bankr) and the average price of a metal wallet was around $70.00. 

Final Verdict

One thing I’ve always been skeptical about regarding Kickstarter is the many scams that reside on the platform. The Sleek Life Design team has always been completely transparent with their backers and have never failed to deliver a campaign on time and to the highest possible standards. I think the Vext wallet is one of the best wallets I’ve come across this year on Kickstarter. It’s innovative, looks fantastic and has a range of features designed to help make you’re daily carry faster and easier.


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