The Bellroy Note Sleeve Review

I have tried a couple (well, a lot) of wallets over the years since I started delving into the world of wallets. In this time I’ve tried to stay away from what you’d consider the ‘typical’ wallet. I’m talking about bi-fold wallets (probably the type of wallet your dad probably still carries around with him). These wallets have been around for generations so I thought it was time to go back to basics and review a modern-day example of the leather bi-fold wallet – The Bellroy Note Sleeve. 

Bellroy as a company is probably worth mentioning. Bellroy is probably the most successful manufacturer of unique wallets as a company that only sells wallets. Not only this but they take great pride in sustainability and social responsibility – another plus. They also use premium material and don’t shy away from it. The wallets do just as amazing in person as they do in their photography. Let’s go into more detail about the Bellroy Note Sleeve wallet.

Fit your cash, coins, and up to eleven cards in a slim profile. The Note Sleeve stores flat bills with ease have quick-access slots for your daily cards and storage area with a convenient pull-tab for less used cards. There’s even a coin pouch that doubles as a business card protector. Slim your wallet, without turning your world upside down.

Look & Design

The Note Sleeve arrived in nice packaging, a heavyweight cardboard envelope/sleeve with a tab-and-slot closure protects the content. As I unpacked the wallet, I noticed it was two-fold, a feature not popular in minimalist wallets. It comes in different colours, up to ten colours, but mine was teal. The leather used feels rich and elegant but doesn’t lack durability. The stitching is perfect, which shows it was well-crafted. Although it is bifold, the interior is interesting as both halves look entirely different in design and function. The left side has a quick-access slot pocket and a pull tab behind it, while the right side with a different colour has two quick-access slots. 

The Huge range of colours available is another benefit of the note sleeve. I’d challenge you to find a colour that you don’t like as the range is huge from standard brown leather through to maroon red and dark green. You can also get the Note Sleeve in a variety of different patterned designs. Something a little different for you more eccentric folks. 

Functionality & Utility 

As stated above, both halves of the interior hold quick-access slots with the left side having a pull tab. The Note Sleeve can uphold up to eleven cards in total; I manage to fit in my IDs and cards all in the slots available. The pull tab space is where I keep the cards that I use less frequently. Nevertheless, this is a great addition to the design and the pull tag works wonders in easily getting access to this area. This is much needed for people who have many cards.

The bill compartment can hold up to ten banknotes all stretched without having to fold them inside. I, however, feel space should have a little bit more for notes, as it tends to get bulky if you fit in as much as ten notes. Although, I must say minimalist wallets are never made for much cash-carrying. There’s a small pocket flap in the bill compartment where I keep extra cards I don’t use frequently, but it can also be used to store loose coins and change. 

  • Holds 4 – 11+ cards
  • 102mm x 90mm – See size comparison tool
  • RFID Protection
  • Stores flat bills
  • 3 Quick access slots and pull tab for less used cards
  • Full-sized note section and coin pocket
  • Premium, environmentally certified leather
  • Backed by our 3-year warranty

In use, the wallet doesn’t have many downsides. As someone who goes for the minimalist style of wallets the slightly bulkier size was noticeable in the pocket but nothing for concern. One thing I’d mention is I found – from other users of the Note Sleeve – that the leather is getting worn out quite easily. I didn’t get enough time to use the wallet as my daily carry so I never experienced this issue. Bellroy does offer a 3-year warranty though which means if your wallet does fall to bits then you can replace it for free. 

Final Verdict

The Note Sleeve is a high-quality wallet, which had a lot of thought put into its design. It also holds a fair share of stuff for a minimalist wallet but comes at $89.00, which can be quite expensive when you consider other minimalist wallets. However, you are sure to get value for your money. The wallet is suited towards people who aren’t looking for a minimalist wallet and simply can’t.

Whether or not you come from a country that still heavily relies on physical cash, or simply have too many credit/debit cards for comfort. You can do a lot worse than the Bellroy Note Sleeve. For more information on this wallet please click the link below for more information.


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