The KKMC Micro Belgravia Wallet Review

The Micro Belgravia Wallet by KKMC Designs is one of those wallets which is so incredibly attractive you almost don’t want to use it. It’s like when you’re unboxing your new smartphone and you can’t bring yourself to peel the plastic film. I dabble, but the point stands that the first thing that attracted me to this wallet was its amazing look. Its smooth intricate design and range of pure colors really stood out to me as a unique wallet in a crowded market.

The Micro Belgravia was first seen as a Kickstarter project around this time in 2016. They managed to raise a staggering amount of funding amounting to over £74,000 (or $93K). This is probably the most money I’ve ever seen raised by a single wallet and it just goes to show how attractive its design really is. Let’s take a further in-depth look and what this wallet has to offer and see if it’s worth the hype of £74,000!

The Micro Belgravia is a distinctive and streamlined card wallet. Its simplicity makes a strong statement while matching any outfit and situation, from casual to black tie’. – KKMC 

Look & Design

As mentioned before my main attraction towards this wallet is its stunning design and pure feat of engineering. Its smooth, contoured, aluminum body and a soft-touch strap will have you seduced from the moment you open the box. Much like other ultra-slim wallets the Micro barely measures anything in terms of its height and length. In fact, its edges completely line up that of a credit card making it no bigger than one. A great sign for minimalist lovers.

The inside is embedded with soft-touch nylon material which feels smooth and a great choice to prevent coins or keys from scratching the inside. We’ll get into its hollow middle more once we talk about its main features but the material is high quality, looks good and seems wear-resistant. 

The Micro also comes in a range of attractive colors. Think about the type of colors you might expect Apple Inc to bring out in their next range of iPhones. My personal favorite is the classic silver but the wallet is also available in Gunmetal Grey, and Rose Gold. A nice but small range of colors to stay in tune with the wallet’s classy appearance. 

Functionality & Utility 

It’s no lie that minimalist wallets can have issues regarding how well they function. It didn’t take long for me to realize that the Micro Belgravia was exceptional at a number of things that minimalist wallets usually struggle with in daily use.

For example, the Micro Belgravia has a very high-quality elasticated band that secures around 3 – 6 cards in place easily. What I found refreshing about this wallet was the material itself which was stretchy, good tension and had good friction against the cards. This meant cards can’t easily slide out.

Another plus is the way the Micro allows for coin storage (and other smalle items like keys) something I don’t think I’ve ever seen in a wallet so thin. The arched and curved design is intentional to create a small inwards groove the perfect compartment to store all your coins. Once your cards have been secured in the wallet the coins are secure from falling out. It’s a clever design to have your credit/debit cards as the mechanism to hold your coins in place.  All you have to do is slide out your cards and that’ll release the coins! 


I thought I’d specifically mention the packaging of this wallet. Again KKMC knows how to form a brand with identity, style, and class which activity makes you fall in love with their products.

Now, apart from the sheer waste of material and it’s probably a huge carbon footprint on the environment, the packaging of the Micro Belgravia shows intricate designs, beautifully manuals and boxes with boxes. 

Final Verdict

A great minimalist wallet with a great array of features and one of the most attractive designs I’ve seen in a while. The clever use of space to store cash and coins is an innovative take in a compact design. Coming in at a price tag of £55.00 (currently half price at £27.50) the Micro Belgravia is priced to entice but is definitely value for money. 

I recommend this wallet for people who are looking to slim down their daily carry and are keen to carry coins. For more information on the Micro Belgravia Wallet by KKMC Designs check out their website today by clicking the link below.


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