The Capsule Accomplice Wallet Review

The Good
  • Amazingly versatile wallet with a great array of features.
  • Fantastic quality and use of the highest grade leathers and materials.
  • Massive card and cash storage capacity.
  • Great quality and an array of vibrant colors to choose from.
The Bad
  • The wallet will increase in size (dimensions) the more cash and cards you carry taking away from its minimalist size. But this is common with most wallets.
  • Price tag is quite high and might price out some people.

The Accomplice Wallet by Capsule is one of the most elegant zip wallets I’ve ever come across. This low profile, ultra-thin wallet incorporates a variety of clever storage solutions while keeping to a minimum size. This makes it a great choice for a variety of people whether you’re looking for a more slim sized wallet or something that can store more unique items like headphones or even coins – that’s the advantage of a zipper slot. 

Capsule is a brand that puts design and utility above all else. From the onset when you look at their range of wallets it’s clear they have a distinct look with their designs having a signature look with the bevel 45-degree corners giving the wallets a more geometric look along with premium use of leathers and stark use of colors. Capsule coined the term “Flexutility” giving work to their own unique philosophy that Function without utility is useless and every feature we design into our products is multi-purpose giving you the flexibility to use the wallet as you see fit.


Look & Design

I can’t stress enough the attention to detail Capsule put in all of their wallets. From the premium Italian full-grain leather (the highest grade) through to the reinforced stitching across the entire wallet it’s clear that a lot of thought and testing has gone into discovering and perfecting the perfect wallet in the eyes of Capsule. When I first unboxed the Capsule Accomplice wallet that was clear. The wallet has a strong robust feel in the hand with a feel of quality thanks to the leather and the Bevelled YKK Zipper. 

What I love about Capsule as a whole is their unique use of stark vibrant colors in each of their wallets. The Accomplice wallet is no exception to this rule coming in 6 unique colors from your standard blacks and browns through to more distinct colorations including Tanistry (Yellow), Desert Sand (cream), Green, and Blue. These colors really ‘POP’ and stand out for people looking to add a bit of unique individuality to their wallets to match their own style.


Functionality & Utility 

The Capsule Accomplice wallet also shines in its fantastic range of functions and features. The wallet is divided into 2 distinct parts. First, the outside of the wallet that has an external card slot that comfortably holds 1 – 2 of your most used cards. This slot is used as quick access as to your most essential daily carry cards when on the move. The second compartment is the main area situated behind the Zipper that provides a roomy and secure area to store your cash and cards. This high capacity interior slot is really where the wallet shines. With a capacity of up to 20 cards or 50 banknotes the scope of how many you can carry in this wallet is by far one of the highest, I’ve come across in a long time. 

Overall, the wallet has a fantastic array of functions for storing huge amounts of cash and cards if you wish. The other great aspect of the inner zip slot is the fact you can, if you want, store a huge array of additional items, such as keys, coins, or headphones, without any worry of them being lost. 

Capsule accomplice wallet black
Capsule accomplice wallet brown
Capsule accomplice wallet green

Price Tag

Given the glowing review I’ve already given the Capsule Accomplice wallet, it’s no surprise to me the wallet isn’t the cheapest on the market. That being said the wallet isn’t also ridiculously high coming in at a very fair price of $90.00. Obviously, there are many other wallets on the market at a much lower price than this but I honestly think this higher price tag is more than worth it for the quality of this wallet. 

Final Verdict 

Honestly, I can’t fault the Capsule Wallet. Every inch of the wallet has been meticulously designed to perfection with a range of utility to meet the needs of anyone regardless if you carry lots of very little. I love the fact the Capsule wallet gives you the choice between how much or how little you carry while retaining a uniformed minimalist size. For more information on the Capsule Accomplice wallet check out their official website using the link below.  


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