RE:FORM Wallet Review

A Material Like No Other: A Detailed Review of the Latest Wallet that’s innovative in its unique material of choice.


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Two variations including the RE:1 & RE:2. Both are similar but the RE:2 Includes a coin slot while the RE:1 doesn’t. Both wallets can store anywhere between 6 – 9 credit/debit cards. Additional slots are included for banknote storage, and the RE:01 can store coins and other small items.


RE:FORM Wallets are made from a unique material called RE:FINE. This material is derived from military boats and boasts incredible durability and water resistance. It’s Welded, not Sewn creating a permanent seal and is commonly found in other equipment such as climbing gear. 


Both wallets are minimalist in size both measuring 105 mm x 135 mm x 1 mm (open). This size does slightly increase when cards and cash are stored.


RE:FORM has a so-called Lifetime Warranty on all its wallets. This means that if you feel the durability of your wallet isn’t living up to your expectations then you can reach out to support and they might be able to replace your wallet. Keep in mind this is subject to an inspection from the RE:FORM team.


The RE:FORM Wallets start at $88.00 and ranges as high as $99.00. They do offer free shipping for orders over €99.00 (around $107.00). This offer seems silly to me as you’ll never get this discount as its unlikely you plan to buy both wallets…


I’ve been unable to find any current discount codes for RE:FORM, nor do I know how often, if any, discounts they have on their store. You can sign up to their email to, I quote: ”receive new product releases, exclusive discount codes and a chance to win”.

Our Unboxing of the RE:FORM RE:01 Wallet.

  • A Minimalist wallet yet has high storage capacity. 
  • The RE:01’s ability to store coins is one of the most intuitive and easy to use on the market. A must for anyone who wants coin storage. 
  • Amazing durability thanks to the wallet(s) unique material choice. Tear resistant, scratch-proof, and water-resistant. 
  • Can easily be washed for a like-new wallet.
  • Material has a scratching textured feel which isn’t to everybody’s liking. 
  • The material doesn’t have as high-quality a feel as other materials such as leather or metal. 
  • Wallets are expensive starting at $99.00. 

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How Good is the RE:FORM Wallet?

Designed and tested in Germany the RE:FORM range of wallets caught my attention due to the unique material from which they’re made. Most wallets today are generally made from leather, with the likes of metal wallets growing in popularity. Leather has many downsides which I won’t talk about in this article, and I always love to try and test wallets that are innovative in their materials of choice. Introducing RE:FORM, a new brand of minimalist wallets that aim to combine and innovate across the wallet space. 

I was lucky enough to send two of RE:FORM’s wallets, the RE:01 with an included coin sleeve and the RE:02 a simple cardholder-style Bi-fold Wallet. Over the past month, I’ve spent nearly every day swapping between these two wallets and have tested them across all dimensions including functionality, and durability. Let’s see how well the RE:FORM Wallet(s) compare to some similar wallets on the market. 


The RE:02 Wallet – In black with included coin pouch

The Market for Unique Material Wallets

Before I begin talking about the RE:FORM Wallets I want to quickly go into detail regarding some other wallets on the market made from unusual or uncommon materials. There really are slim pickings outside of metal, which ironically, has become a big player in the wallet space (I’m looking at you Ridge Wallet) and Ridge’s many competitors. The brand that stands out most for me when it comes to unique material choices is Pioneer Carry. These guys first rose to success with a series of successful Kickstarter campaigns and have since quietly done their thing. They use a range of materials like 10XD which contains the world’s strongest fiber and 3XD which contains 100% nylon for added strength. Another brand to keep in mind, although small, is Hawbuck which makes lightweight wallets from a material called Dyneema which is praised for its added strength. 

I’ve tried all these wallets in the past and they’ve all kept to their claims of being highly durable and fantastic to use. The question I have is how does RE:FORM compare and their material? RE:FORM uses a material they dub RE:FINE. This material is credited to being 10x more durable than leather and extremely thin coming in at just 0.7mm thick. Not only this but the RE:FINE Material is also waterproof, vegan, and in my opinion attractive to look at being made in all-black which gives a classy yet timeless look and feel. 

When using the RE:FORM Wallet I tested the material by putting it through a series of tests. First I stuck it inside my pocket and put it in the washing machine (on a hot wash at that). The results were fantastic, and although I wouldn’t recommend doing this yourself, the material suffered from no damage or any signs of wear. Compare this to the likes of Dyneema which although water resistant, had much more notable damage after the same test. This alone is a good case for grabbing one of RE:FORM’s wallets. After all, leather would simply get destroyed in a washing machine and I can’t think of a single other wallet that would fare as good getting washed as it did. As part of the test, I also dunked the wallet in some water for you to see here


3 of the most hardy materials used in the manufacturing of wallets

RE:FINE Vs. Competitors: Which Comes Out on Top?

As we mentioned earlier the RE:FORM isn’t the only wallet brand to tout unique materials that boast specs far better than the majority of wallets found on the market today. Because of this, I wanted to take a few other Unique material wallets and see how well the so-called ‘RE:FINE’ Material fairs against the rest. 

The first wallet I tested was Pioneer’s own 10XD Material. 10XD was the first wallet I tried and tested when it came to a previously unheard-of material and still ranks top for me when I used it in my previous review. 10XD boasts some awesome specs including being 10 x strong than steel (per weight) and features a  ripstop weave that provides added durability and a slight shine giving a beautiful appearance to an unusual material. 10XD, in my opinion, is a far more attractive material with its range of colors and beautiful patterned texture and appearance. It would be nice if RE:FORM offered a few more different colors (both wallets are only available in black) but hopefully, this is the brand’s plan for the future. 

Finally, I put the RE:FORM Wallet against one of my personal favorite materials – Dyneema. Dyneema itself boasts some impressive features including being 30% lighter than nylon and polyester while 15x stronger than steel. While Dynemma faired just as well as RE:FINE when it came to its durability and water-resistant properties, the material itself is generally unpleasant to the touch having a sort of plastic and scratchy feel to it. Compared this to RE:FORM which is a soft touch and far more pliable and it’s no context which material I’d prefer to carry.


Size, Capacity & Daily Life

The biggest and most important aspect for me when it comes to any wallet I review is a) Can it store everything I need? b) How easy is it to use/gain access to my cash/cards on a daily basis? RE:FORM suggest that the max capacity of both their wallets is anywhere from 1 card all the way up to 9. I decided to put this in the text to see if it was accurate or not. While using the RE:02 as a reference I was easily able to store up to the recommended about of 9 cards. Cards fit nicely inside the wallet with the wallet’s card slots being tight enough that you won’t have any trouble with cards becoming loose or splitting out unintentionally. Along with this, cards were easy to access when using the wallet on a daily basis I didn’t have any issues easily accessing the cards I wanted. 

We must also talk about RE:01’s ability to store coins and other small items. One thing many men’s wallet lack today is a dedicated space to store coins. This has become increasingly common mainly due to the world’s general distaste for coins and the increasing use of cashless payment systems. Nevertheless, the folks at RE:FORM decided to go with the coin storage option, and too many, this is a big advantage over the majority of other wallets that just don’t support coin storage. I must admit that I don’t tend to carry coins myself, but for this review, I had to at least try it out. 

The RE:FORM Wallets use a cleverly designed snap closure mechanism that allows you to pinch the coin area open with your fingers seamlessly opening it up. To close it, simply release the pressure from your hands and the compartment automatically closes shut. It seems the wallet uses resistance and pressure from a piece of metal to create such a mechanism for opening and closing the coin slot. All in all, it was amazing to use, highly intuitive, and by far the most effective way to store coins I’ve come across in quite a few years. No more fiddling around with zippers or burying coins deep within your pocket. The RE:FORM not only maximizes space and creates a slim attractive wallet, but they also seem to have created a highly efficient, even fun, way of storing coins – amazing stuff. 


Just a few examples of the wide variations of the Ridge Wallet

The RE:FORM Wallet: Final Thoughts

Overall I was very happy with my time testing and trying out the RE:FORM Wallet. Good quality material goes a long way when it comes to any wallet lasting long periods of time and I really can’t fault the durability of the RE:FORM’S unique material. Along with this, the material is also very nice to the touch and also has a high-quality premium feel to it not often seen in materials such as this. 

In terms of functionality the wallet far exceeded my own expectations. The wallet although most suited for minimalists and those who carry less, provides a functional and effective way to carry and access cash/cards at a moment’s notice. It’s clear that they have considered a lot of factors when it comes to the general layout of the wallet including quick access for your most used cards and the way notes are stored. As I said previously, The RE:FORM RE:02’s most notable feature is its ability to store coins. This is by far the easiest and most pleasant way I’ve come across for coin storage in a long time aside from a classic zipper slot – so big props for that! 

To summarize, the RE:FORM range of wallets are some of the best wallets I’ve reviewed in quite some time. They offer everything you need in a wallet made from a material that, quite possibly, could last a lifetime. Although the wallets aren’t cheap in price, I’d suggest really considering any of these wallets as my daily driver and its value for money can’t be overstated. Along with this, RE:FORM also offers a lifetime warranty and a 30-day returns policy. So, What’s not to like? For more information on the range of wallets from RE:FORM check out their official website by using the link below. 

Our Verdict

  • Quality
  • Features
  • Usability
  • Value



Overall we loved our time using the RE;FORM Wallets. They are a breath of fresh air in a crowed marketplace utilizing a unique design that combines durable materials with a wallet-sized for the modern age.

The range of tests

RE:FINE Wallet Put to the Test: Did it Pass?

The Rip Test

The next test I performed was a damage test. I wanted to put this wallet through its paces and decided to go at it with a knife and a pair of scissors. Considering the claims the wallet is 10% more durable than leather I was feeling optimistic about the prospects of it surviving this test. That being said, it’s only 0.7mm thick so I definitely had my doubts. The results were quite disappointing. The scissors cut through the material very quickly, far more than I expected it to. One call aspect, that really shows the strength of this material, is trying to rip the material from a cut made in it. It was impossible. 

Although the fibers that make up the wallet can be cut, this wallet is impossible to tear even with a pre-existing cut made. See the video below for my attempts at this. Keep in mind I’m using all my strength in this. What can we conclude from this? Well, please keep in mind that it’s doubtful your wallet will ever get cut with a shark pair of scissors – this just doesn’t happen. But the strength of the material when it comes to potential tears or breakages is incredible, something I’ve not seen in many wallets on the market – especially those made from a softer more malleable material. 

Can I Rip this wallet?

The dunk test – we submerged the wallet in water to see how it fairs.

The Water Test

We put the RE:FORM Wallet to the test with a simple water (dunk) test. We wanted to see how well waterproof the wallet really was while also seeing how quickly it dried. We found the water performed exceptionally well and sustained no damage from the water. Along with this, the unique properties of the material meant the water dried in a matter of hours.

This is fantastic for any wallet but is very good for people who enjoy the outdoors more and may find themselves in situations where a durable and waterproof wallet would be beneficial. This success can only be attributed to the amazing RE:FINE Material that is the main selling point of these wallets. 

Overview: The Reform Wallets both faired amazinly when put through the Rip Test. As you can see it was near impossible to tear the material showing its durability in action. 

Usage Timeline


What can I say? After 1 month of daily use and the wallet is still in perfect condition. The wallet is a joy to use and the material has held up as well as RE:FORM suggests showing little concern for wear, tear or any potential damage. This wallet is one of the best I’ve tried after the 1 month mark.

No wear or tear on the material

No issues with card slots getting stretched or functionality

Stitching & edges in like-new condition


After 6 months off use I really couldn’t see any issues with the wallet and as far as I am concerned it remains in a like-new condition. The material, stitching, and overall construction was like when I first unboxed it and the wallet didn’t show any signs of wear or tear. The only issue I had was a build-up of dirt that seems to stick to the material far easier than other materials such as leather. But thanks to the RE:FORM Wallets water resitant properties there was no issue with simply washing it off. 

No wear or tear in any aspect across the wallet

Durbality, and construction still perfect.

Material is starting to get quite dirty with a build up of grime from most likely my pocket. This can easily be washed off.


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