The Swza Wallet Review

Just another Knock-Off Wallet Brand

The Wallet market is full of copycats and cheap knock-offs and the Swza Wallet is no exception. I talk at length in my article regarding the issue of a market dominated by cheap, poorly made wallets here, but will go into detail here about what we hate about The Swza Wallet and why I feel this brand is nothing more than a fraud. 

Back in 2020, I saw a huge spike in the number of wallets that all looked the same. After purchasing a bunch of these wallets it became clear that each and every one of these wallets was the same aside from the brand name plastered on them. After diving a little deeper it was clear that each of these brands was simply purchasing their wallets from the same manufacturer. The culprit. China and wholesale companies such as Alibaba and Aliexpress

Below on the left is a screenshot of the Swza Wallet coming in at a price tag of $19.99. To the left is another wallet from the Chinese wholesale website Alibaba coming in at a price tag of $1.79. Can you tell the difference? Neither could we. And on further inspection after purchasing both wallets it was clear that they were the same, even down to their weight and the packaging they came in. 


I call these types of wallets Copycat Brands but the term knock-offs are also fair in this regard. These wallets seem lucrative as they often come at significantly reduced prices compared to the wallets they copied. In the case of the Swza Wallet, the design is the same as the famed Ridge Wallet. The biggest difference though is the quality of materials and the craftsmanship in how they’re made. Cheap materials and most likely poor labor conditions are a guarantee for any wallet that can be purchased by businesses for as little as $1.79. You can check the product listing yourself here

Not only this, but most of these brands, Swza included, are outright lying to consumers about where their wallets are made. They are spinning a web of lies trying to deceive people into thinking their product is anything more than a cheap product where making a profit is their only goal. Most of these brands don’t even hold their own stock and partake in something called Dropshipping where the manufacturers ship the wallets directly from the factory straight to customers – not ideal if you’re from America. 

There are tonnes of these brands and too many to count in the wallet industry. If money and value are your only concern then please go ahead and buy wallets like the Swza (which isn’t made from REAL carbon fiber by the way). Line the pockets of an industry that toes the line with legality, and see how long the wallet will last you. Otherwise please avoid at all costs. The Swza Wallet is not worth your time. 

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