The STOW Minimalist Wallet Review

The Good
  • Great build quality and size. The wallet is lightweight and but still retains a great range of functionality.
  • A great array of color variations to choose from (14 options) from red, green, blue, white, and black.
  • Affordable price for the quality you get. The wallet starts at a very reasonable price tag of $58.00.
The Bad
  • Some people complain the wallet can easily be scratched on the surface of the metal. This is a re-occurring theme in reviews.
  • Wallet’s capacity is fixed meaning you have to buy a certain size. This means if you do increase the capacity of your wallet (beyond its max) you’ll need to buy a new wallet.

The Stow Wallet is a fantastic little minimalist wallet made from metal. The wallet dubs itself as ‘the last wallet you’ll ever need’ and I with amazing quality and a great array of features this might very well be true. The wallet is a perfect hybrid between attractive design and a wallet that has a great array of functionality from innovative card storage (with its Patent-pending spring design) and high capacity for cash and cards. 

The Stow wallet was born out of disaster. Back in 2018, while the company was still finding its feet, the Stow wallets head office was caught in a disastrous wildfire that swept through their home town of Redding in California and destroyed more than 1000 homes. Through perseverance and hard work, the team at Stow managed to overcome adversity and create a wallet that has become one of the most highly rated wallets on the market today.

I don’t know about you but this ability to overcome adversity in a time of crisis is inspiring and just adds that little extra to the Stow brand and how motivated they were to bring their innovative wallet to the market for all to enjoy. 

Look & Design

The Stow wallet has a very ergonomic and minimalist design. The wallet just looks fantastic with its sleek all-metal body and smooth crafted edges. The wallet is made from high-grade aerospace aluminum that gives the Stow a very lightweight feel despite being made from metal. The wallet’s size also adds to this coming in at just 2.30’’ x 3.66’’ x 0.51’’ (although the wallet’s height is variable based on the size you choose). At this size, the Stow is very much in the minimalist category.

One great aspect of the Stow is the ability to choose between a huge array of different colors. Last time I checked the wallet came in 14 different variations from a more traditional color palette of black and white through to all manner of colors from light blue, red, purple, and orange. Having the choice to personalize your wallet and match your wallet with your individual style is something I’ve always advocated with wallets and other brands should take note as to the great work Stow has done here. 

Functionality & Utility 

As previously mentioned the Stow is a great minimalist size coming in at only 2.30’’ x 3.66’’ x 0.51’’. It’s worth mentioning that the Stow also provides you with the option to purchase specific wallets depending on based on the number of cards you have or carry with you on a daily basis. These varying capacities start at 4 and increase in just increments up to 10). The higher the capacity you choose the larger the wallet will get (in its height). 

In terms of card storage, the Stow is divided into 2 distinct sections. The main section, on the front, is designed with a Patent pending spring design that provides flexibility and added ease of access with storing and accessing your cards. Credit/debit cards Can slide cards out from both sides (forward or backward) for maximum usability. 

Cash is also stored in this main compartment with banknotes being folded and laid flat underneath your cards. The Stow has a max capacity of around 8 banknotes but this does differ depending on the number of cards you carry and the bill’s denomination. The second slot is located at the top of the wallet and is designed to fit up to 5 business cards and is slid out in a similar fashion to the main card slot. 

Finally, the Stow wallet comes with the option to purchase an optional phone mount for $4.00. This sticky-backed plate is attached to the underside of the Stow then mounted directly onto the back of any smartphone. Wallet phone cases are becoming increasingly popular as our typical daily carry is getting smaller and smaller.

Price Tag

The Stow wallet comes in at a very affordable price tag of Between $58.00 – $66.00 depending on optional extras and size. These fluctuations in price are dependent on whether you choose the highest capacity size (10 cards) or decide to purchase the Optional phone mount that comes in at an additional $4.00. Overall, I think this is a very fair price. If you compare the Stow to many other metal wallets on the market it does come in at a lower price than most which are fantastic. 

Final Verdict

The Stow Wallet is a great little wallet that really showcases how a minimalist size doesn’t have to compromise great functionality and accessibility. The Stow smashes it out of the park in many aspects at the affordable price tag it is, is a great option for people looking for a stunning wallet that may well last a lifetime. For more information on the Stow wallet check out their official website by clicking the link below.


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