Wingback Card Holder Wallet Review

The wingback card Holder wallet is a great example of a handcrafted leather wallet with an innovative design fit for those looking for a more minimalist wallet. What I love about it is it’s simplicity yet effectiveness and elegance in the way the wallet stores its cash and cards. 

Wingback first rose to success back in 2016 when they succeeded in their first Kickstarter campaign raising funds for their signature cash wallet (full review of that wallet here). From here wingback has gone on to produce a range of wallets that stick to the brand’s core principal’s of using only the best materials (high-quality full-grain leather). Let’s now take a closer look at what the wingback cardholder wallet has to offer. 

Look & Design

The Wingback Card Holder is made from full-grain Tuscan leather. This leather is beautiful to look at, thick and fantastic quality. Over time, the leather will develop a wonderful patina that creates unique patterns and distinct colors on the wallet surface. The leather is some of the best quality I have come across in a long time and is only rivaled by other premium quality brands. 

The Wingback also comes with a range of customization available. On purchase, you have the choice between the wallet’s color (including brown, tan, black) along with the color of the threads stitching. You can also pay an additional $10 for an inscription engraved directly on the leather. 

Overall, I love the look and feel of the Wingback cardholder. It really is a great example of leather craftsmanship and this quality shows. It’s clear this wallet could easily last a lifetime and that’s down to this great use of premium materials and excellent design.

Functionality & Utility 

The wallet is a flat design divided into 2 distinct sections and made from a single piece of leather. The front slot is smaller than the back and is meant for storing any physical banknotes you carry. These notes will need to be folded but are tightly secured and easily accessible. The back slot is the largest and is where you store your credit or debit cards. 

The Wingback can hold around 5 cards easily in a really snug fit. As the leather is used more over time it becomes more supple, or malleable, which actually allows for a larger capacity for cards over time. This is evidence in the fantastic quality of the already mentioned full-grain leather which is Hardy and thick. The wallet essentially needs breaking in much as you’d do with a new pair of leather boots. 

It’s also worth mentioning the thin flat design is perfect for people who might be experiencing back pain from a previous bulky wallet, an issue that’s very prevalent in people who carry their wallets in a back pocket. 

All in all, the wallet is a joy to use and it’s smaller size and dimensions (coming in at 62 x 88 x 5mm) is exactly what you want if you’re looking to streamline what you carry with you on a daily basis. The wallet isn’t noticeable at all in the wallet, thanks to being on xxmm thin. The only slight downside to that is cards are stacked upon each other when stored. This can make it tricky to easily gain access to the cards you want as the cards in the middle of the stack.

Price tag 

The Wingback card sleeve wallet comes in at a very fair and affordable price tag of £45 (or $56.00). When considering the premium nature of the wallet, its high-quality leather, and handcrafted nature. I really can’t think of a wallet this affordable considering these facts so the Wingback is very highly recommended in our book. 

Final Verdict

Wingback is a brand you can trust. I’ve never tried a wallet from their range and been disappointed and that says something. By far the best thing about the brand, and specifically the Card Holder wallet, is the fantastic build quality and leather. If you’re looking for a wallet that can stand the test of time with a premium look then I highly recommend this wallet. 

Because we like Wingback so much we are an official authorized retailer! Check out Wingback in our store and if you purchase through us we’ll also throw in a free wallet multi-tool worth over $20.00 with every order.  Click the link below to get started today.

The Good
  • Great Minimalist size.
  • Premium materials and build quality. The wallet is one of the best examples of craftsmanship ever come across in a long time.
  • Develops a beautiful patina on the leather over prolonged use. It gets better looking with age.
  • Choice of having a personalized quote on the wallet if you wish. 
Not so Good
  • Smaller overall card capacity compared to similar sized wallets on the market.
  • It can be a little tricky to get access to cards when first bought. This is because the wallet is very tight. This should loosen up over time, however. 
  • Notes do have to be folded to be stored.


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