Wingback Winston Wallet Review

The Latest Offering from Wingback

Wingback, as a brand, is one I rave about quite a bit. They provide a huge variety of innovative and creatively designed wallets while all being fantastic quality, handmade, and well-priced. The Wingback Winston Wallet is the latest leather wallet in their range and continues this theme with probably my favorite wallet released by them.

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What makes the Winston Wallet great to me is its simplicity. It combines a traditional bi-fold style wallet into a minimalist size that gives you the best of both worlds – a wallet with great functionality but still small. I like to call these halfway wallets ‘hybrids’ as they aren’t quite small enough to be considered ‘minimalist’ wallets, but large enough to have high cash and card capacity. In terms of its functionality, again, it’s very basic but effective at what it does. The wallet has 2 dedicated card slots that can roughly fit 2-3 cards per slot for a max capacity of 6 cards. At the back of the wallet is a dedicated full-width note slot that can host an almost unlimited supply of banknotes from any country (USD, GDP, or EUROs). 

I have to mention the amazing use of leather as Wingback are known for their handcrafted wallets using the most premium materials. The Wingback range is all made from top-grain leather that’s incredibly thick in quality and durable. Over time any Wingback wallet will develop a beautiful Patina with prolonged use that adds a beautiful unique texture to the wallet. The range of colors the Winston Wallet is available in further adds to this premium nature including a choice between black, brown, red, and orange.

Overall, the Wingback Winston Wallet is a joy to use and probably one of my ‘go-to’ wallets if I’m not reviewing any new ones. The wallet just looks fantastic and works seamlessly in a minimalist and simplistic approach and at £80.00 it’s expensive but far cheaper than other wallets of the same quality. For more information on the Wingback Winston Wallet check out their official website using the link below.

  • Functionality 66% 66%
  • Design 81% 81%
  • Price 72% 72%



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