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A popular website for discovering a wide array of RFID Enabled Wallets. We check out the range of wallets offered by ID Stronghold, look into their quality, and functionality, and see if they’re a good fit for you.

ID Stronghold Wallets’ are the self-titled ‘most trusted brand in RFID Protection’. What defines these wallets is their security all having RFID Protection as standard. For those who don’t know RFID (which stands for Radio Frequency Identification) is a security feature very common in wallets. The idea is they help protect your credit/debit cards against a rising criminal activity known as ‘Card Skimming’. Card Skimming itself can be quite serious if you’re the one subject to the crime. It works by activating the wireless technology common in many types of contactless credit/debit cards. RFID Protection works by blocking these wireless signals keeping your cash safe and in your hands. 

ID Stronghold has a huge array of different styles and types of wallets available on the market. Because we couldn’t possibly review them all, we’ve selected three of their most popular wallets to review. In this article we’ll be looking closely at these wallets, seeing how well their RFID Security works and reviewing them based on their quality, design, functionality, and value for money. Let’s jump straight in. 


How Good of Quality are ID Stronghold Wallets?

Having tried a variety of different wallets from ID Stronghold I was a little confused as to the quality of the wallets I tried. This was because each of the 3 wallets I tried had differing qualities with some bad and some good. This is quite unusual for a wallet company as, most of the time, each wallet is used and manufactured in the same place. This usually leads to quite similar craftsmanship and quality in design from different styles, but this doesn’t seem to be the case in terms of ID Stronghold. 

The first wallet I tried was their Waltlet Maximum Storage Wallet. This wallet took my eye immediately due to its fantastic array of colors and large storage potential. This wallet was fantastic to hold in the hand and the leather was both thick and durable to the touch. I could tell immediately that this wallet was made from a good quality grain of the leather and that showed with its beautiful feel and craftsmanship. 

That being said, things took a little turn with the second wallet I tried. ID Stronghold’s so-called ‘mini wallet’ was another wallet that caught my eye this time due to its minimalist design that incorporated a zipper slot. This time around, the unboxing experience was quite different. On first inspection of the Mini Wallet, I saw the leather was nowhere near as good of quality as the Wallet Wallet from the strength of the leather, though to the quality in the coloring. 


What Material are ID Stronghold Wallets Made from?

Most if not all of the Wallets offered by ID Stronghold are made from Leather. That being said not all leather is created equally with different grades representing the true quality of the leather. In the case of ID Stronghold, each wallet is made from Genuine Leather.

Contrary to popular belief Genuine Leather is actually one of the lower grades of quality. It really is a misleading name as genuine makes it seem like the leather is better quality than it actually is. In actuality, the grades of full-grain and fine leather are much higher quality, but this still depends on the process in which its made (in a Tannery). Genuine Leather is made by using the underlayer of the animal hide and a much cheaper, yet less desirable and durable, section of the leather. While the outermost layer is the most durable this is sold on to make premium leather goods, while the undersides are reserved for more budget wallets such as the ones sold by ID Stronghold. 

But leather quality is usually indicative of price. The lower the price of the wallet the less and worst quality leather you’re most likely going to get. Because of this, and the low prices of ID Stronghold Wallets, we have no problem with the quality based on the affordable prices that ID Stronghold offer (starting as low as $9.99) and are quite content with their value for money. 


What are the Different Types of Wallets Available?

One of the great aspects of shopping at ID Stronghold is the fact they offer one of the largest arrays of different styles and types of wallets on the market. Whether you’re looking for a classic bi-fold, minimalist cardholder, or anything in between, they should have you covered. Below are just a few of the different types of ID Stronghold Wallets currently on the market and some of their best sellers. 

  • Men’s RFID Bifold: A classic Bifold Wallet like how your dad used to carry.
  • Minimalist RFID Wallet: A smaller size and more compact. A lightweight and easy carry experience. 
  • Men’s RFID Trifold: A trifold design with amazing space and versatility. 
  • The Waltlet – Maximum Storage: Our personal favorite. Loads of space, great quality, and available in an array of colors. 

Are ID Stronghold Wallets Worth the Money?

Overall we were quite content with the quality and design of the ID Stronghold wallets when in relation to their affordable price tags. They aren’t going to win any awards for their craftsmanship or quality, but are a great budget option for people who don’t want to spend an arm or less. The huge variety makes choosing a wallet to meet your individual needs easy and the RFID Blocking capabilities are a nice touch to include. 

Overall we recommend ID Stronghold Wallets for people who want a decent wallet and a decent price. For more information on ID Stronghold and to view their full range of wallets check out their official website using the link below.

Our Verdict

  • Quality
  • Features
  • Usability
  • Value



If you’re looking for a traditional wallet at affordable prices then these from ID Stronghold are a very reasonable and respectable choice. They don’t do anything amazing, but nothing bad either, and we value this brand on great functionality and affordable price tags for those on a budget. 


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