The Pitaka Magnetic Wallet Review

The Good
  • Very unique in its use of magnetics to provide an easy and effective way to store your cash and cards.
  • Made from Carbon Fiber, one of the strongest yet lightest materials. Fantastic quality with a distinctive look.
  • A fantastic size for minimalists. You can also add additional features (for a higher cost) and customize it to your liking (Monogram).
The Bad
  • The price is quite expensive. I don’t like the way they charge so much extra money for additional modules (see below). 
  • The wallet can only be used with Chip cards, not Magnetic stripe cards. This would cause your cards to demagnetize due to the magnets. 

Dubbed as the world’s first magnetic wallet, the ‘MagEZ’ Pitaka Wallet is one of the most unique and innovative wallets I’ve come across in some time. What makes this wallet unique is its use of modules, or individual plates, that attach together using strong magnets and allow for easy access to cash and cards. 

Pitaka is all about design and you won’t find a product in their range that doesn’t break the mold with creating something unique and innovative. Their signature look derives from their use of carbon fiber material that’s best known for its strong durability yet lightweight appearance. Pitaka produces a variety of interesting products not limited to wallets that include smartphone accessories, tech cases, chargers, and more. 


What is the Wallet Made from?

Another unique aspect of the Pitaka wallet is the material it’s made from. Made from genuine carbon fiber the wallet excels from the unique advantages, look and texture carbon fiber provides. This material is most notoriously used in cars as its strength along with its lightweight makes it the perfect material for use in racing. In the case of the Pitaka its lightweight is incredible and can barely be felt in the hand. Along with this, I’m quite confident in the wallet’s durability when dropped and the fact its a wallet that could last a lifetime with proper care.  

I’d also like to mention the worries people have regarding the potential for the wallet’s magnets to cause issues with credit and debit cards. It specifically mentions on the Pitaka website that this wallet is only to be used with ‘Chip Cards’ and not Magnetic Stripe Cards. There is a distinct difference between the two and understanding what you carry can be the difference between your credit/debit cards getting demagnetized while stored inside the wallet. 

What are the Wallets Features?

The Pitaka Wallet uses a series of carbon fibers of ‘plates’ that are placed upon each other and secured using magnetics. These plates can then be easily detached from one another (simply prising the magnets apart) that provide access to the wallets features underneath. This is mainly cash or card access but can be customized with adding extra layers to provide functionality based on your own individual needs. These optional modules including things like storage for keys, coins, or a money clip.

The size of the wallet is variable depending on which modules you use and how many cards you want to store. The great thing about the Pitaka wallet is you get that choice to really slim down your wallet if you’d like or and increase or decrease this size based on your needs. For as standard 6 cardholders the wallet comes in at 101 x 67.5 x 12 mm which in and of itself is incredibly small at just only slightly larger than a standard credit/debit card.

Finally, The Pikata also comes with RFID Functionality that prevents any sort of issues regarding contactless card fraud, and criminals attempt to steal your money. It’s still very much open to debate whether or not RFID Security is even necessary, but considering it’s free and included with the Pitaka wallet is nice to have. For more information on RFID why not check out our full article on the subject below.


Is it a Reasonable Price?

The unfortunate thing about the Pitaka isn’t the price of the wallet that comes in at a semi-reasonable $80.00, but the cost of the additional layers. If you want to expand on the standard 6 card wallet then it could cost you anywhere between $25.00 – $35.00 per module (in addition to the $80.00). I honestly feel that these modules should become included as standard with the wallet, or the very least provide one module of choice for free, before charging people a hefty addition in price. But, at the end of the day price will always be subject and the choice is yours whether or not you think it’s reasonable or not.

What are the alternatives?

The Pitaka wallet really is an innovative wallet from its plates (modules) system to the way it utilizes magnets to keep the wallet held together. The alternatives I’ve provided below are as close as I could find to what Pitaka offers and hopefully provides a fair comparison from their use of materials to their innovative designs.

Kit 2.0 Wallet (Another module style wallet, with more variations and made from leather instead of metal).

Zenlet Wallet (A stylish metal case style wallet with room for cash and coins).

Aviator Wallet (A hyper minimalist wallet with a variety of customization options).

Djin Wallet (A Kickstarter success story. A multi-functional wallet with a Hardcase design).


Final Verdict

There’s no doubt the MagEZ Wallet from Pitaka is one of a kind. It really takes innovation to the next level and in practice, it really works well. At first, when using the wallet, I was scared the magnets weren’t going to be strong enough to hold the wallet together. In actuality, the magnets are perfect and provide just the right amount of leeway for easy access and maximum security. At a price tag of $80.00, I’d be more than happy to splurge out and purchase this unique wallet. That being said I’m still not impressed with having to spend up to an additional $35.00 on added modules, but it is what it is. For more information on the Pitaka Magnetic Wallet check out their official website using the link below. 


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