ZENLET The Ingenious Wallet Review

The unique design of the Zenlet Wallet is something hard to ignore. When I first stumbled upon this wallet on Kickstarter it felt like an oddity as it was one of the only wallets I’d ever seen that looked nothing like a wallet. It reminded me of a card case and in a way, this is less of a wallet and more of a hybrid between the two. 

The Zenlet is an intuitive wallet that brings security, simplicity, and intuition all in one package. The ultra-thin Zenlet wallet comes in a non-compartmental design and is lightweight which makes it super-easy to carry around.  The easy storage and selection of cards and cash, when needed, make it the delight that it is. Here’s a more detailed look into the Zenlet Wallet.

There are several problems that traditional wallets could cause. Card wallets, although sturdy, still cause many problems. Money clips are the most unsafe options, although they may seem easy and convenient. We think the following problems with the existing wallet designs hinder efficiency.”

Look & Design

The Zenlet took a break from the usual as it abandons the traditional leather bifold and opts for a sleek aluminium unibody enclosure that comes with handy access and security features. The Zenlet wallet sways towards the shape of the smartphone than that of a wallet. It slides open through the tilting mechanism on the top of the case of the wallet.

The aluminium body is constructed to be rainproof as it is enclosed; it is also built to keep out every form of splash and dirt. It doesn’t come with an elastic on its body, nor does it have any screws or hinges. Its design is a simple, clutter-free one that gives it a mature vibe. It also comes in various colours, mine came in white, but there are several other colour choices available for everyone.

Functionality & Utility 

The enclosed nature of the Zenlet wallet makes it a delight to be carried around regardless of the weather conditions you find yourself in. One feature I like a lot is its protection against RFID theft; its aluminium construction makes this possible. It also comes with a small sensing compartment, a slot meant for one contactless card.  Its ease is another feature that increases my love for the wallet, as the tilting mechanism makes it easy to slide open. 

The Zenlet can hold up to seven cards and some cash comfortably, while you can place important cards and IDs behind the RFID sensor while placing cards that need less security in front of the RFID protection. The Zenlet is also scratch-proof which is a lovely thing if you can use it for a long time without losing its smooth feel and look.

Final Verdict

The Zenlet isn’t just another minimalist wallet; it offers something uniquely different from what the others offer. The aluminium case and the sliding access to cards are next-level stuff in the world of wallets while adding unique functionality like being rainproof. The little issue with Zenlet might be the fact that it doesn’t have enough internal space to hold extra cards when you need to; however, it serves the purpose of a minimalist wallet with an extra advantage.  The Zenlet Wallet is priced between $50-$60 (prices may vary based on the size) which isn’t too bad at all for the innovation gone into it. For more information on the Zenlet wallet click the link below.


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