The Grid Aluminum Wallet Review

Metal, Minimalist, and a Design to Match

The Grid Aluminum Wallet is a minimalist wallet with an attractive design and a variety of customization options available. The first thing to mention the design of the Grid Wallet isn’t exactly unique. It resembles some popular wallet brands already on the market including the likes of the Ridge Wallet and the Bankr Stack Wallet. But that’s not to say the Grid Wallet isn’t good or they simply copied the likes of the brands above. The Grid Wallet is an effective and well-designed wallet in its own right. 

The Grid Wallet is a perfect size for minimalist lovers and those who prefer to carry less. That’s not only down to its lower capacity (up to 12 cards) but the fact it only comes in at 86mm x 54mm x 6mm. The thickness of the wallet will vary based on the number of cards it’s holding. I personally feel 12 is too many as the wallet becomes significantly bulkier and can be felt in the pocket. Somewhere between 4 – 7 seems best in my opinion. When it comes to cash storage the wallet has a durable metal money clip on the back. This can store a good array of banknotes, folded, in an easy to access manner. 

Finally, the Grid is not shy about providing a decent amount of variations, in color and design, for you to choose from. Whether you want this in all metal or even carbon fiber, or in a unique color like blue, gold, or grey I’m sure one of the many variants will take your fancy. The Grid Wallet comes in at a price tag between $65.00 – $85.00 (depending on variant). This is competitive to the likes of other metal wallets but still isn’t the cheapest metal wallet on the market. For more information on the Grid Wallet check out their full listings using the link below.  

  • Functionality 65% 65%
  • Design 76% 76%
  • Price 67% 67%



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