The Bankr Stack Slim Wallet Review

Something a wallet catches your eye simply because it looks sexy. It might be one of the most popular marketing techniques brands can have because if you like how something looks you’re more likely to want to buy it (just look at Apple and how they design their iPhone). The Bankr Stack Wallet is one of these wallets that from the offset had me completely absorbed with its attractive design, high quality feel and amazing range of colors.

Bankr had one vision at it was to streamline the way we carry things on us in everyday life. Cutting away what they dubbed as useless features such as unnecessary pouches, zips & other unique features this wallet is the love child of the modern trend in minimalism. 

‘We came to realize, with the more space you have, the more space you waste. Creating new innovative products for an evolving modern lifestyle has always been our goal, and we intend on doing just that. Bankr brand is here to stay, and we’re here to change the world for the better’.

Look & Design

If what I’ve talked about hasn’t already given it away this wallet is all about its design and really scaling back to a wallet that does what it says on the tin. The Bankr is made from 2 metal plates connected to each other on the sides by an elastic material. This does two things. Provides flexibility in the wallet and allows for added cards to stack in a way where 

You also don’t have to mess around with elasticated bands. Many wallets similar to the Bankr Stack have bands which are removable. This has never been ideal for me as not only can you lose them easier (and they can commonly snap) but the process of taking the bands off and on are simply added effort which can be avoided.

The Bankr Stack is an all-metal design with a brushed finish. It really does look good and in a great range of colors (grey, black, silver, gold, red & blue) the wallet offers a nice range of customization options to suit anyone’s preferences. 

Functionality & Utility 

As you probably guessed from Bankr’s mantra they streamlined the Stack wallet to remove any unnecessary features leaving you with a simple minimalist wallet. Because of this if you’re somebody who carries a lot of items in their wallet – outside of just cash and cards – then the Bankr wallet isn’t for you. 

Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean the Bankr doesn’t offer a nice array of features to satisfy most. With a capacity of 15 cards, the wallet expands to accommodate as many cards as you wish. 15 is a hell of a lot which is a great capacity for its size, but keep in mind that as you fit more cards the wallet will bulk out more significantly reducing its minimalism size (I’d say it wouldn’t count as a slim wallet anymore). 

The wallet has a capacity for up to 20 bills (banknotes) – which again – a really nice capacity for a wallet of this size. The wallet comes with a free attachable cash clip which is accessible on the reverse side and made from premium sturdy metal. Banknotes do have to be folded to fit the clip which is just something to keep in mind as some people don’t like this.

Finally, the wallet comes with RFID Blocking materials which means you can be confident that you won’t be subject to any sort of crimes when out and about. For those who don’t know (click here for information on wallet RFID technology), RFID is a blocking mechanism that prevents contactless technology from working when your credit/debit cards are inside the wallet. A great feature that all wallets should have in modern-day life.

Final Verdict

The Bankr Stack wallet is a fantastic look at a wallet that you can be proud to have in your pocket. It’s an attractive design and brushed metal finish is something refreshing in a world where wallets are slowly becoming stale in appearance. Although it lacks functionality in many respects this is entirely deliberate. I recommend this wallet for anyone who prides having something attractive or sexy looking in their pocket and is looking for a wallet minimalist in size. 

For more information on the Bankr Stack, wallet click the link below to find out more. 


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