The Cappla Wallet Review

Handmade and Crafted in Utah, USA. 

American-made in Utah, USA, The Cappla Wallet is a minimalist-sized wallet (coming in at just 2.2″w x 3.4″h) that aims to help you ditch the bulk and create a more compact everyday carry experience. The Cappla Wallet utilizes a simple design offer called a ‘plate system’. This refers to the two plates of metal that hold your credit/debit cards stacked and sandwiched together. The two plates are held together with a strong elastic (which is also where your banknotes are stored, tucked, and folded under for easy access). 

These types of wallets are very popular at the moment with brands such as Ridge & Axwell selling similar style plate wallets. In total, the Cappla Wallet can store up to 15 cards. That being said, we think a good number is anywhere from 3 – 7 cards, as the more you store the bulker the wallet gets. Although the wallet can store 15 cards, at this point, the thickness of the wallet is too large and it becomes uncomfortable to carry in either a front or back pocket. 

Made from aviation-grade aluminum (or carbon fiber) the Cappla Wallet is a highly durable wallet and that’s apparent immediately when you unbox it. After just a few weeks of using the wallet, it still looks identical to when I used it for the first time. The elastic is strong and hasn’t frayed and the metal hasn’t even succumbed to any scuffs or scratches – amazing stuff. To further Cappla’s goal to create a wallet that’ll last a lifetime, they also have a fantastic lifetime warranty. 

Overall, I enjoyed using the Cappla Wallet. It really is a simple design and that’s where the majority of its charm comes from. Card storage is decent for those who enjoy carrying less, and its durability is one of the best especially considering the price tag starting at just $75.00 (which is lower compared to similar-style wallets). For more information on the Cappla Wallet, and the full specifications, check out their official website by clicking the link below. 

  • Functionality 62% 62%
  • Design 76% 76%
  • Price 78% 78%



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