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The Fantom X Wallet is the latest development in the Fantom wallet range designed by Ansix Designs. The Fantom Wallet is probably one of the most unique wallets I’ve ever had the privilege of reviewing. It combines both a minimalist and durable size, with the innovation of a pop-up or cascading card mechanism. That being said, this pop-up style is very different from what you typically get with the likes of other brands like Ekster or Secrid and unique in its own right.

Having released many different versions of The Fantom Wallet (originally crowdfunded on Kickstarter) their latest design is all about further streamlining your everyday carry creating a much smaller and compact-sized wallet. Ansix Designs were kind enough to send me two of the Fantom X Wallets ahead of time and I’ve spent the last few weeks using them in my daily carry. Let’s see how the Fantom X is and how it compares to two other similar style wallets on the market.

Look & Design

You could stick the Fantom X Wallet in a large crowd and have no other wallet look similar to it. One of my favorite things about the Fantom Wallet is its distinctive and unique designs and aesthetics one that is completely unique to itself. It takes a sort of futuristic modern design that I can only describe as being similar to two modern-day supercars. This is probably down to the fact the wallet is made from a combination of metal and carbon fiber two materials frequently associated with high-performance supercars. 

Measuring just 100mm (H) x 63mm (W), the Fantom X Wallet is incredibly small and easily qualifies as a minimalist will it in size. I really found this wallet to be an absolute joy to carry with me down to its complete lightweight use of materials, and its incredible thinness meaning that I couldn’t feel the wallet in my pocket without the typical bulk you get with many traditional wallets. 


Fantom offers the X Wallet in a variety of different capacities to meet your needs including the Extra Slim (4-7 cards), Slim (5-10 cards), and Regular (7-13 cards). This is worth noting as it does change the thickness of the wallet ever so slightly (8.7 mm, 10.9 mm, and 13.7 mm respectively). 

Overall, I can’t really fault the look, feel, and design of the new Fantom X. The design is obviously subjective but if you’re looking for a unique wallet that will definitely turn heads then you could do a lot worse than any of the Fantom wallets including the Fantom X. The wallet also comes in three distinct colors/designs including carbon fiber and two wood finishes including Bamboo and Walnut


Functionality & Utility

As a minimalist-sized wallet, the Fantom X gets all its functionality from its patented design that is every bit as innovative as it is functional and easy to use. While you’re probably familiar with the ever-popular pop-up or cascading card wallets that dominate the market at present, Fantom has developed their own similar mechanism for achieving a similar style of wallet. 

While most pop-up style wallets have cards being ejected through the top, Fantom does this differently having credit/debit cards being ejected lengthways (the wider side). While it’s personal preference which way you prefer I find the Fantom’s mechanism much more intuitive and easy to use, due to the increased surface area of your cards being accessible resulting in a more functional and easy to use wallet. 

That being said, I found getting used to putting in and taking out your credit or debit cards to be quite the learning curve when it comes to the Fantom X. That’s due to the fact that cards have to be inserted into the wallet at a slight angle and the cards can often get caught at various points preventing the card from being inserted smoothly – so to speak. It takes a little getting used to and isn’t as seamless as typical cascading card wallets, but once you get used to it, it’s absolutely fine. 


Daily Carry Experience

As previously mentioned, generally speaking, my everyday carry experience with the Fantom X Wallet was pretty great. In total, I used the wallet for approx 3 weeks as my daily driver and really enjoyed the experience of its slim design (making it a joy to carry) and ease to access your cards at a pull of a lever. Whether the wallets stored in a front or back pocket, skinny or regular jeans, I found the Fantom X one of the best feeling wallets ever, quite a feat for its hard material design. 

That being said there are a couple of things that are probably worth noting. The first, comes down to the part of the design of the wallet. Where the carbon fiber and metal frame meat is a small rim that easily traps dirt and over time and prolonged use, I found this small rim/hollowed out area would get full of essentially crap that wasn’t the easier to clean (as the gap is so small to get any sort of cleaning implement into). 

Another slight negative I’ve found is in only three weeks I’ve already started to see some slight wear on the metal with the outer layer of black wearing off to reveal slight patches of the underlying metal. I must admit I’m a little frugal with the wallets I test (I need to put them through their paces), but I was a little surprised it took such little time to begin to showcase signs of wear. It’s a little nitpick, but it does take away from the beauty of the wallet.


Limited Lifetime Warranty

One overlooked aspect of purchasing any wallet is the company’s policies or more specifically their warranty. I’ve talked frequently in the past that a good warranty should make all the difference when choosing a wallet, especially in such a competitive market with many similar style wallets available. 

I’m pleased to say that Fantom has a pretty great Limited Lifetime Warranty available that pretty much guarantees peace of mind when owning any wallet in the Fantom range. Compare to these other big brands including Ridge or Ekster and I can confidently say Fantom have an edge when it comes to their warranty. 

Fantom offers both protection against manufacturer defects including a standard 30-day window for returns (if you’re not happy with your purchase), with an additional limited lifetime warranty for any issues with defects in materials or workmanship (that Fantom will fix or replace free of charge). Fantom also has an additional ‘wear and tear’ warranty that means any Product damaged through wear and tear, misuse, or neglect can be replaced by Ansix Designs at 50% of the MSRP –  a lovely added bonus. 


Final Verdict

Overall, I was incredibly happy with my time using the Fantom X Wallet. It is, in my opinion, one of the most clever and innovative wallets when it comes to its design and mechanism for card access is every bit as unique as it is functional. As the wallet can only store a maximum of up to 13 credit/debit cards (based on whether the cards are embossed or not), this wallet really is best for those who carry only a few cards with them, and basically no cash. 

That being said, Fantom has various models to choose from for those looking for a little more, or a little less card capacity. So it’s fair to say the Fantom X wallet has all aspects covered for whether you’re a chronic card carrier or a more minimalist man. Accessories for the wallet are also plentiful including optional extras from money clips though to touch-up pads used to keep your carbon fiber looking fresh (with more accessories confirmed on the way). 

At a price tag of $139.00 the Fantom X wallet is by no means cheap and would require a significant investment from yourself to buy. But what can I say? The Fantom X Wallet is a beautiful little bit of engineering, and it’s really hard to find much wrong with it without nitpicking. It’s compact, durable, and functional and considering the great Lifetime Warranty, Fantom offers you won’t need to worry about potential failures down the line. Perhaps this is the best and closest example of a ‘the last wallet you’ll ever buy’ wallet on the market today?

For more information on the Fantom X Wallet, and to view their entire wallet range, check out their official website using the link below. 


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