The Dango T01 Tactical Wallet Review

Sometimes a wallet goes above and beyond to really try something different. The Dango T01 Tactical wallet is exactly this and – in my opinion – the perfect wallet designed for the outdoor enthusiast looking for niche functionality yet a slim, hardy and awesome looking wallet. 

Dango first came onto the scene in 2015 when they successfully functioned their first Kickstarter campaign. Since then their goal has to bring quality products to the market with an emphasis on an active lifestyle with industrial design. I must say they have stuck to this ethos firmly over the last 5ish years.

Dango Products is a company that nurtures and cultivates neat ideas! Not only do we thrive on solving daily problems with simple solutions, but we also aspire to provide life experiences with a sense of style and uniqueness. At Dango Products, we want to tell extraordinary stories through design and experience’. – Dango.

Look & Design

At its core, the Dango is a minimalist wallet with an emphasis on style. The look of the wallet is something which I’d describe as industrial almost with a rustic machine look to it. made from high carbon, heat-treated, corrosion-resistant stainless steel you can guarantee this wallet will last a lifetime and you won’t be purchasing a new wallet anytime soon.

I decided to put my Dango T01 through a couple of tests to see how well the wallet actually actually holds up when put through rough conditions. I decided to do a series of drop tests to see if the wallet sustained any damage. I really wouldn’t recommend doing this yourself as metal is always prone to scratches and scuffs regardless of how the wallet holds up. What I am happy to say is the wallet does a great job of keeping cards secure even when hitting the ground at high impact and with minimal damage to the metal considering the height I dropped it from. This just goes to show the high-quality materials and craftsmanship that the Dango Tactical wallet has. 

One downside is the leather is only made from ‘genuine’ leather. For those who don’t know genuine leather is actually one of the poorer and lowest grades leathers on the market. It’s made from scraps of leather hide smushed together which provides a leather that is more prone to degrade and wear down over time. For more information on leather, grades check out our full article on this here. 


Genuine leather

Silicone wallet band

Machined aluminum wallet frame

Stainless steel multi-tool

Stainless steel screws

Weight: 3.5oz 

The Dango is also available in a great range of cool and unique color. From a mixture of red, black and brushed metal (silver) the wallet is really attractive and in appearance and I have no qualms about the aesthetics of this wallet as it really does look fantastic.  

Functionality & Utility 

Now onto the part, we’ve all been waiting for. The functionality of this wallet. As you probably already know this wallet comes with Dango’s very own multi-tool card that is integrated and designed to function perfectly within the T01 wallet.

When engaged, the multi-tool can nest securely into the safety locks built into the wallet chassis- allowing for easy sawing, cutting, and protection. Common tools are built in: hexes, paracord cutter, nail pryer, a serrated/sharpened edge, and even a phone stand. The tool is incredibly versatile and really is a jack of all trades when it comes to tools needed usually when camping. If you’re the type of person who goes camping or hiking a lot then the tool is very simple to use and amazing addition to a great little wallet. 

In terms of its usability as a wallet, the Dango T01 does a good job of storing items typically found inside your wallet. It has a max capacity of 12 cards but this will be less (around 8-9) when storing the multi-tool. Note storage is sort of overlooked in this wallet. Notes can be stored in the card slot area but they will have to be folded and may not be the most secure, unlike wallets that have a dedicated slot for banknotes. Nevertheless, this is a common trait for minimalist wallets such as the T01 and a necessary requirement for slimmer wallets. 

Wallet Specifications:

Card capacity: up to 12 cards (less with multi-tool)

Dimensions: 4.375″w x 2.625″h

Final Verdict

A great wallet with unique features and amazing design. I love the look, feel and usability of the wallet in practice. I’d say this wallet is aimed at those who love the outdoors and would use the features of the Dango’s multi-tool frequently. Coming in at a price of $89.00 I think the wallet is fairly priced. I used the wallet for a month straight and didn’t see any reason why the T01 couldn’t last a lifetime with a little care. 

For more information on this wallet visit the Dango website now by clicking the link below. 


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