The Quiqlite TAQ Wallet Review

The Good
  • Great tactical wallet. Is the only wallet in the world to include an inbuilt flashlight (can be recharged easily).
  • Includes other great and previously unseen features including Glass Breaking Tip.
  • Durable and strong, the TAQ is made from Aluminum. 
The Bad
  • Isn’t the best at actually functioning as a wallet. Card storage is okay but cash storage is a little clumsey. 

The Quiqlite TAQ Wallet is a highly innovative tactical wallet (also known as an EDC Wallet). What makes it special is the fact it’s the first, and only, wallet on the market to incorporate a dual-LED Flashlight entirely integrated into the body of the wallet. Quiqlite themselves was founded by a 15-year California Law Enforcement certain who recognized the need for a hands-free and concealed flashlight. This is very evident in the design of the wallet. It’s clear much understanding of what is needed and is aimed at a specific niche of people who frequently find themselves in situations where tactical features, like a Flashlight, is a must.

Design & Functionality

On first inspection, the wallet looks like a crazy amalgamation of parts and components. The TAQ Wallet is majority made from strong aluminum with Nulon housing across the outside. On top of this aluminum, the piece is where the Flashlight housing is found and mounted onto. This adds a little bulk to the wallet but still retains a small size of only slightly larger than a standard credit/debit card. The flashlight on the top is surprisingly powerful and provides between 75 – 150 lumens of light at a push of a button and can easily be recharged using Micro USB (takes around 1 – 2 hours I found). The design is very clever and implements a wide variety of other Tactical features including:

  • Bottle opener
  • Flashlight
  • Screwdriver
  • Glass breaking tip
  • Carabiner attachment point
  • RFID Security

Each one of these features is fantastic and fir for purpose. The metal is strong and doesn’t weather as it’s put under strain when using the bottle opener. I didn’t get the chance to try the Glass breaking tip, but I’ll give my self the benefit of the doubt with that one. The wallet’s inclusion of RFID Security is nice to have, although not entirely necessary. I write quite a lot regarding whether RFID is a gimmick or something to always have in a wallet. All I can say is it isn’t worth paying extra for in my opinion.


In terms of how this wallet functions as an actual wallet it’s fairly basic and in tune with other wallets of a similar style. Credit/debit cards are stacked upon each (up to 8 cards) which is a very common way to store cards when saving and maxing space is critical. Banknotes are stored within a Money clip that forms part of the frame. It’s strong and very durable but does have much ‘give’ meaning it isn’t the most effective to use as cash can be hard to store and fall out quite easily. That being said, this really only is an issue if you only have one or two banknotes. Carry a big wad of cash and it should be okay – just something to be wary of. 

But let’s not be too pessimistic here. The wallet is not trying to be the best wallet. It’s clear the intended use of this wallet and I would discredit it too much for lacking in this department. We’ll end on some of the other things Quiqlite provide in their wallet. If you so choose you can include a custom laser engraving on the top portion of the wallet (for no additional cost). The wallet is also fairly customizable in color being available in Black, Aluminum, green and blue. 


Final Verdict

The TAQ Wallet comes in at a price tag of $74.95 which just about puts it into the higher bracket price ranges. That being said, I feel the TAQ is an absolute steal when you consider the sheer design, engineering, and functionality the wallet provides. The wallet isn’t for everyone, sure, but if you’re the type of person considering a Tactical style wallet then I highly recommend the Quiqulite Wallet. It really does rival the big tactical wallet brands including both Dango & Trayvax. For more information on the TAQ Wallet by Quiqlite check out their official website using the link below. 


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