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The Andar Denner Wallet is a fantastic example of both how a wallet can be ultra-thin, minimalist in size, but also attain a high degree of functionality. Andar is a brand that I’ve admired for quite some time now, with its Apollo Wallet frequently being rated as one of my favorite leather wallets of all time (no really check out our review).

Andar was founded in 2015 and sought to create an array of leather goods based on the ideas of quality, compactness, and aesthetics. To start, the Denner Wallet seems to be Andar’s attempt at developing a wallet more targeted to a female market. That’s not to say men can’t jump in, but with the photography they use, the range of colors, and the included Wristlet it’s definitely one more for the female demographic. Let’s now take a closer look at what the Denner Wallet can offer you. 

Look & Design

The Denner Wallet is designed in a cardholder style, with an ultra-thin profile and a pretty compact size (Height: 4.0’’ Width: 5.32’’). The wallet is made from premium full-grain oil waxed leather. This is actually a different leather to what Andar is known for (they usually opt. For Crazy Horse Leather), but it’s got a nice classic leather look and will develop a beautiful patina over time. 

The wallet comes in 4 colors, baby pink, black, traditional tan brown, and off-white. As I said previously, the wallet seems to be advertised as a woman’s wallet for all intents and purposes hence why the color offering has more stereotypical feminine colors. 

After having used the wallet for a period of 4 weeks I enjoyed my time using the wallet and couldn’t find any issues at all with the wallet. The craftsmanship and quality are subpar and the leather was durable, yet supple, so cards could easily be retrieved, taken, and put back without any hassle. The wristlet was surprisingly useful and I found myself using it more often than not. But having the option to remove it was nice when out and about. 


Functionality & Utility

In terms of capacity, the Denner Wallet can store as little as 1 and up to 10 cards split among the wallets 5 individual card slots. One of these cards slots is also an ID Card Slot (with a transparent window so you can see through it), and another has a quick access pull tab for easy access. 

The top of the wallet also includes a handy wristlet that attaches to the top of the wallet through a loop. This allows you to carry the wallet on your wrist and provides added security and an alternative method for carrying the wallet outside of a pocket or bag. The wallet also comes with RFID Security as standard. RFID Protection is a must on any modern-day wallet with contactless card crimes on the rise. These days, you shouldn’t expect to pay more for the privilege of RFID Protection, so it’s nice to have it as a standard on the Denner Wallet (learn more about RFID Security here). 

Overall, I was very happy with everything the Denner Wallet provided me. It’s a great size, not too big; but not too small, and has great storage capacity and features for its size (especially when compared to many minimalist wallets on the market). The added features of the included Wristlet is a nice touch. 


Final Verdict

Overall, I was very pleased with my time using the Denner Wallet. It has a great combination of a compact slim size while providing the features I’ve come to expect from any Andar Wallet including ID Card Slots and Quick access pull tabs. The wallet has an interesting array of colors and is definitely more targeted toward women with a more feminine look. 

That being said the Denner is very similar to the Freeman Wallet if you’re looking for the Denner but in a more standard array of color options (brown, black, etc…). At a price tag of $59.00, I think the Denner is well priced and affordable, and with the Wristlet a great bargain. For more information on the Denner Wallet by Andar, visit their official website using the link below. 


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