The Andar Freeman Wallet Review

We’ve always been a big fan of the Andar Wallet brand. They always seem to produce wallets that fit the core design of a traditional men’s wallet while bringing them up to date in the 21st century with innovative design tweaks and functions not commonly seen in most men’s wallets. The Andar Freeman is a great example of this and is a wallet with both a classic look and utility to match.

Andar is a popular brand that has made a name for themselves over the past decade in developing wallets with passion, affordability, and design in mind. I’ve always respected Andar immensely so I am looking forward to reviewing the Freeman with this in mind. Let’s take a closer look at what the Andar Freeman has to offer and see if it’s worth replacing your current wallet.

‘A Spanish verb with a meaning “to carry”, started in 2015, where we set out to make something unique and minimal that would last. From there came unique and simple minimalist wallets. Since then, we’ve introduced phone case designs, and other day to day carry goods that we are stoked on and are pretty sure you will be as well. Andar strives to bring high-quality handcrafted goods at an affordable price. Our products are simple, unique, functional, and minimal’.

Look & Design

The first thing you’ll notice with The Freeman is its very slim design. Coming in at just 4″ x 3 1/4″ x 1/8″ the wallet is designed for those people who want to streamline the contents of their wallets and only carry absolute necessary items with them. The wallet has a quality appearance with it being made entirely from Crazy horse leather. A weird name for leather for sure (it’s not made from a horse). Crazy horse leather is basically a fine quality leather that’s been applied with a special wax and smoothed out repeatedly over time. The wax enhances the wallet fibers giving it a protective quality and changing the texture of a smooth feel. This material is one of the most pleasant I’ve used in a while. It has such a unique feel and is highly durable with long term use.

The range of colors the Andar Freeman is available in include Black, Brown and Tan but also some more obscure colors including pink, grey, and cork. Each look and feel great in combination with the crazy horse leather and I can’t fault the rich colors and amazing build quality. This is something you can expect from all wallets in the Andar wallet range.

Functionality & Utility 

As previously mentioned the Andar Freeman is a minimalist wallet with a nice simple design. The wallet has 6 dedicated slots arrayed in an attractive manner around both sides of the wallet including the top side. One of these slots (the very top one) is meant to be used for physical banknote storage. As the wallet is quite small you will have to fold notes up, into smaller sizes, to effectively fit them correctly. The wallet also has an ID card window that enables you to have 1 card visible at all times which is a unique and rarely seen feature in wallets these days. This is great for easily presenting your ID Card when out and about. The Freeman Wallet also has a max capacity of up to 8 cards which is a very reasonable capacity considering the smaller size of the wallet.

RFID Protection is a must for any wallet in today’s technologically infused world and I’m happy to say Andar Freeman includes this as standard. RFID is becoming increasingly problematic over time as more and more countries adopt a payment system that uses wireless payment technology. So what is RFID security (or functionality)? Well, to put it simply, it’s a type of security protocol that prevents criminals from stealing your money. Thieves can charge your contactless cards with ‘skimming’ devices to steal money from you without you even realizing it. RFID is a protection method that prevents these skimming machines from working protecting your cards when out and about. 

Price Tag

The Andar Freeman is very affordable at just £28.00 (around $34.00). I think this is a great price especially considering the high quality ‘crazy horse’ leather that the wallet comes in. It also has some great functional features which I really enjoyed using including the hidden card slots at the top. 

Final Verdict

The Andar Freeman is a great all-round wallet. It benefits from a smaller size but doesn’t take it to the extreme inhibiting functionality. Compared to other wallets on the market I always love how Andar provides reasonable prices for quality items something that other brands rarely do, charging people crazy prices for less than satisfactory wallets. Andar is definitely a brand you can trust and that’s why I recommend the Andar Freeman wallet.

I recommend this wallet to people who are looking to slim down the size of their wallet, don’t want to compromise quality, but also want a cheaper more affordable wallet. We’re happy to announce that we recently became an official retailer of Andar wallets. If you think the Freeman Wallet might be for you, or you want to browse the full range of Andar wallets, why not check out our online store. We also provide a free wallet multi-tool with every order worth over $25.00. Find out more below. 


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