What is Crazy Horse Leather?

It may sound like some sort of forbidden leather but the overwhelming popularity of Crazy Horse Leather, in recent years, has led many people to ask the question ‘what actually is it’? Contrary to rumors Crazy horse leather isn’t actually made from Horse but is a secondary name for the more well-known saddle leather. 

Saddle leather is a top grain leather made by applying a range of different waxes to the surface. If you own a Crazy horse leather wallet, for example, then you might notice it has a very unique texture to it. People often describe the wallet as ‘wet’ to the touch with a very smooth texture. The leather will also absorb a lot of the natural oils from your hands adding to this process of giving the wallet a worn-out rugged look darkening overtime as the wallet is used more. Crazy Horse Leather gets its name from the fact this type of leather has traditionally been used in making horse saddles.

How Does Crazy Horse Leather Change Over Time?

One unique aspect of crazy horse leather is how the leather reacts to change over time. Being made from premium full-grain cowhide the leather can really stand the test of time. For people looking for a rustic, slightly worn look, crazy horse leather is known to provide this distinct look over only a short amount of time. 

Crazy Horse Leather is also more susceptible to a unique patina that makes the leather item look like it has scratches on its surface.  These scratches actually change the wallet’s natural color using appearing as a lighter shade than the color of the original wallet. These searches develop naturally over time as the wallet is worn with daily use and is one of the reasons this type of leather is popular.

Whether or not you like this rustic look is completely down to you. Some people love the idea of a wallet that develops a unique pattern over time, others don’t. If this sounds like something you’d like to keep reading to discover about this leather, wallet brands that use it, and it’s a range of distinct advantages and disadvantages. 

Should I get a Crazy Horse Leather Wallet?

Crazy Horse Leather has a range of advantages that make it stand out compared to other types of top grain leather. These include the following:

  • Water Resistant thanks to its wax coating.
  • Develops a unique, one of a kind, Patina in only a short amount of time. Advantageous for people looking for that used, rugged look.
  • Highly durable. This is down to the leather being made from full-grain cowhide. This is one of the highest quality leathers on the market.

The leather also has its disadvantages. Some of these include:


  • Correct Care of crazy horse leather is a must. The wallet can quickly lose its wax appearance if new wax is not applied over time. I also left a crazy horse leather wallet in its box for over 2 years and it became the perfect breeding ground for mold to grow off the surface. 
  • The leather can often feel unpleasant to touch by many people. I often hear the feel described as ‘damp’ or ‘wet’.

Crazy Horse Leather Wallet Recommendations

Andar Wallets

The wallet offers a unique and attractive design but should not appeal much to those who want tons of features and have many items, more than just cards, in their wallet. I think this wallet would best fit someone who is looking for style and already has moved away from a bigger wallet looking for a much more minimalist design. Click here for more information. 

ED Charly Wallets

Like Andar, ED Charly produces a range of highly attractive Crazy Horse Leather wallets. What makes this range of wallets stand out is their unique minimalist designs that include a variety of unique features rarely seen in a wallet. One example of this is their classic coin wallet that has a dedicated storage area for coins. Check out our full review of this wallet here.


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