Where’s the Best Place to Keep Your Coins?

If there’s one topic of conversation that’s burdened men since the dawn of time (maybe not quite that long) then it’s a conversation around coins. For as long as I can remember I’ve always had a wallet without the capacity to store coins. After thinking about it somewhat, I found it a little strange. After all coins are quite common even today in our ever-advancing cashless society so it begs the question:

‘Why don’t more wallets come with coin storage’?

In this article, I’m going to go through a bunch of ways in which you can better streamline your everyday carry (EDC) and find the most effective way for you to store your coins when out and about.


In Your Pockets…

Pockets are probably the most common way to store coins but they aren’t without their disadvantage. The reason most people look for an alternative to storing coins (i know I did) is that storing coins in your pockets is just damn right uncomfortable and a nuisance. If your pants are tight then accessing them is difficult and the feel and noise of jangling coins is simply annoying on a day to day basis.

One common theme in many jeans is the so-called ‘secret pocket’ usually located above the main right-hand pocket. This small pocket is much smaller and thinner than the standard pocket but is perfect for storing coins as it’s not very deep for easy access. Check your pants now to see if they have this pocket and if so why not try it out to see if it works for you.


In a Separate Coin Pouch

Some items exist with the only intention to store coins. Think of like those old traditional coin bags you see in fantasy films and you’re on the right lines (although more modern). Some good examples of these include the Alexander McQueen Triangular coin pouch, a highly attractive leather pouch, and the abstract il bussetto Coin Pouch Tacco that can only be described as a small dome-shaped storage device. 

Having another item to carry with you on a day to day basis is often less than ideal. Overall I don’t really rate this method of storing coins. If you want an effective storage method then perhaps a proper coin wallet would be your best bet?


Ditch the Coins for Good!

Let’s be honest, coins are no longer really necessary in today’s modern life. For decades now society has been moving away from physical cash and into a cashless society with credit, debit, and contactless payment systems. These technologies are evolving at an incredibly fast pace and more and more people are trying to ditch the cash to fit in with these underlying systems.

Take the smaller denomination of coins for example (I’m looking at you 1 cent). Hopefully, these small coins will eventually be removed from circulation much like how Canada did over 4 years ago. I often talk about the future of the traditional men’s wallet and if one day it will be made obsolete. We’re already carrying significantly less in our wallets compared to say 20 years ago so who knows what the state of our money will be in 20 years from now.


In Wallet Accessories

Some clever people have developed accessories that integrate into a normal wallet providing functionality for coin storage. One such example of this is the Cavity Card. This small credit/debit shaped piece of plastic is designed to fit coins then be placed in a traditional card slot. This allows for ample storage of coins within any traditional wallet. 

Although I didn’t rate the Cavity Card all that much in my official review it is an innovative take on card storage and many other examples exist that could help you store your coins in an easy and effective manner. For more information on the Cavity card or to check out other wallet accessories click here. 


In a Coin Friendly Wallet

Wallets have become incredibly innovative in the way designers tackle the issue of effective coin storage. Although a coin Zipper pouch is still very common and an effective way to store coins many brands have gone above and beyond to create creative and unique systems to store coins. Let’s take a look at a few standout coin wallets below.

The Elephant E8 Wallet: This is my favorite wallet for coin storage. The wallet uses flexible elastic material to create coin-shaped pockets that fit easily and seamlessly into the wallet. For our full review of the Elephant E8 Wallet click here. 

The Aviator Wallet: The Aviator is one of the very few metal wallets that attempts to solve the problem of coin storage. Using a card style mechanism, much like the previously discussed Cavity Card accessory, the Aviator does a fantastic job of allowing a small number of coins to be stored and easily accessible at any one point. For our full review of the Aviator Wallet click the link here. 

The Djin Wallet: Finally the Djin wallet is one of the most unusual looking and highly innovative wallets I’ve ever reviewed. The wallet is designed in a case style with a sliding inside a mechanism that stores your cash, cards, and of course coins. Check out our full review of the Djin Wallet and see if it’s something you like here.


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