The Top 5 Wallet Accessories

What do you carry in your wallet?

I often get asked what I carry in my wallet on a daily basis. In all honesty I carry nothing special usually just my credit, debit cards and a small amount of cash. Nevertheless, something my outings require me to carry optional wallet accessories that serve a specific purpose. In this article, I’m going to go through some of my favorite accessories which I ‘sometimes’ carry with me on a daily basis. 

What Is a Wallet Accessory?

A wallet accessory is something that can be carried in a wallet – and is specifically designed to do so – that adds additional functionality to your EDC (every day carry). The range of features can vary from a simple flashlight to smart technology to turn your wallet into a smart wallet. 

The only issue you’ll find with wallet accessories is whether or not they fit in the wallet you own. Many accessories have to be bulkier in size to accommodate what they do so certain wallets might not excel at effectively carrying these items. I’ll discuss this more as we go through each accessory. 

The Wallet Go-Comb

Every so often I take a look in the mirror and think ‘god damn my hair looks terrible’. That’s when I suddenly realize that I could have prevented the bad hair day with a little credit card-shaped comb that fits nicely inside any wallet’s card slot.

The wallet comb isn’t anything special and is a simple comb you can carry with you on a daily basis. The Go Comb comb is a great size and isn’t too thick to take up additional room in your wallet. Coming in a range of different colors and materials I bought the metal version as it felt higher quality. The metal comb is quite heavy though which does add noticeable weight to your wallet. Just something to keep in mind. 

Coming in at a price tag of £15.31 the Go-Comb is a nice little item that provides much-needed functionality to those conscious of potentially having a bad hair day. For more information on the Go-Comb click the link below.

Ekster Tracker Card

Ekster is a brand that develops an amazing smart wallet. Originating from a successful Kickstarter campaign Ekster has gone on to develop a smart card that fits inside any wallet and enables you to track the whereabouts of your wallet on its smartphone application. 

I only ever use the Ekster Smart card when I going something where I think I might be at risk of losing my wallet. For example, when I’m on a night out I never forget the card as I know that if there’s any chance I’ll lose my wallet it’s when I’m blind drunk. The setup of the card takes literally 30 seconds and the tracker card so the job of tracking the wallet well with efficacy. I’ve yet to actually lose my wallet but it’s nice to have peace of mind on such occasions. 

The tracker card is the most expensive wallet accessory on this list coming at $49.00. If you’re the type of person who easily loses their wallet (and doesn’t want the trauma of having to cancel and replace all your cards) then it might be worth picking up the Ekster smart tracker card for yourself. 

Wallet Ninja Multi-Tool

As a hands-on individual, I’ve never without carrying one of the many wallet multi-tools on the market today. My personal favorite is the Ninja which is lighter weight than many multi-tools on the market and has 18 individual tools in one small card-sized piece of metal.

A wallet multi-tool is basically a credit card shaped piece of metal with various tools on it. From a bottle opener to a screwdriver the multi-tools do a great and clever job of cramming as many different tools on it as possible in a thin and lightweight design. 

Features: 3 screwdrivers; 6 hex head nuts & bolts; bottle, can & letter opener; phone stand; box cutter; ruler; peeler.

Coming in at a price tag of only £6.80 (around $10.00) I’d say this is value for money and a must-have for anyone looking to have a tool capable of helping you in any situation. For more information on the Ninja Multi-tool click the link below. 

Iain Sinclair Eon Flashlight

I actually have a full review of the Iain Sinclair Flashlight which you can read here. I actually didn’t give this a glowing review as I thought the size was a little too large to warrant carrying it inside your wallet.

Nevertheless, the flashlight has a cool design and does provide some functionality for people who feel the need to carry a powerful LED flashlight on them at all times.

For more information on Iain Sinclair Eon Flashlight click the link below.

RFID Blocking Card

Some wallets don’t currently have RFID blocking capabilities. For those who don’t know, RFID is a way to protect yourself from contactless card fraud. It makes it so contactless payments won’t work while cards are still inside the wallet. An RFID blocking card is just like a standard-sized card that provides benefits of this protection if your wallet doesn’t have it already built-in. 

If you come from an area where this time of crime is prevalent then it might be working picking up a pack of these. They are made by many different manufacturers and are very cheap (I bought a pack of 10 for around £10.00). It’s a nice addition to your daily carry, lightweight and doesn’t take up much room. For more information on RFID protection cards click the link below.


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