The E8 Elephant Wallet Review

The E8 Elephant wallet is very unusual to me and is one of the slimmest wallets I’ve come across in a while. Not only does it pave the way for completely streamlining how we carry our cards but it’s also has a new take on how we carry our coins. It’s rare these days even larger bi-fold wallets have the capacity to store loose change (coins) so it’s quite refreshing to see a wallet brand innovative in how it deals with his. 

The Elephant wallet brand is a small family-owned company from Poland. Their goal was to create high-quality products with great functionality but maintain a small slim sizing. Simply by looking at their range of wallets – and the quality of the E8 wallet I received – I have no doubt that they put theirs all into developing and creating a premium wallet for us all to enjoy. Let’s breakdown what the E8 Elephant wallet has to offer. 

Look & Design

Made from a single piece of elasticated material (rubber) with triple stitching and reinforced corners. On first impressions, I thought the wallet looked a little flimsy and wouldn’t last. Nevertheless, once I had filled the wallet with cards and cash It quickly became apparent this material is durable, something that is a must for the longevity of a wallet. 

The E8 wallet also comes in a huge variety of colors much more than what you typically get with a wallet – 15 to be exact. This ranges from the standard blue and brown colors were used to seeing in wallets but extend to more unusual colors such as orange, green, red and pink. 

Overall, the design is perfectly minimalist and has a distinctive look that would attract anyone who’s into simplicity. The build quality is fantastic and the wallet is durable at fit for long life in daily use. 

Functionality & Utility 

Where the wallet really shines is in its functionality. The wallet is separated into 3 distinct areas. The first 2 are meant to store cards (2 – 14 max) and are separated by a piece of material that creates a third – slightly smaller pocket in the middle of the two. This is where you can store your banknotes. Keep in mind that to keep this wallet minimalist in size notes will have to be folded up to fit correctly. 

The most unique part of the wallet is how it handles coin storage. On the front of the wallet are 2 much smaller pockets around the size and dimension of your largest coins currency. These are made tight enough that when you slide your coins in the elastic rubber tightly squeezes them preventing them from falling out. This is a clever way to utilize the unique properties of this material and it works very well. The downside to this is the E8 can only store around 5 coins which is probably a lot less than what most people carry with them (if they carry coins at all). 

Final Verdict

The E8 Elephant wallet is a lovely little thing. It’s a perfect size for those looking for an ultra-minimalist style and has some unique features and offerings. The best thing of all is the wallet comes in at the crazy cheap price of $11.99. This is by far one of the cheapest wallets on the market today and is an absolute steal compared to other wallets. 

For more information on the E8 wallet by Elephant click the link below to visit their official website. 


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