The Cavity Card ‘Wallet Accessory’ Review

The cavity card is an innovative little wallet accessory that aims to solve the question of ‘where to store my coins’? It’s a very valid and topical question as many wallets these days, especially those smaller in size, lack any functionality to store coins. Most men usually resort to storing coins in your pocket which is less than ideal in practice. 

The solution? Well, apart from purchasing a wallet with a dedicated coin pouch (check out our full review of the to coin wallets here) the folks at cavity card think they have a modern-day solution. This so-called Cavity card is a simple device that fits securely in a typical card pocket and helps organize and store any loose coins you may have. 

Look & Design

The Cavity Card is a small plastic and perspex card-shaped device. Think of it as a small tray with the sides slightly raised for the purpose of keeping coins in place and from sliding out. On first inspection, the cavity card felt a little flimsy, poor quality, but I eventually discovered that this material malleability of the cavity card is deliberate being made from flexible nylon material. This gives the wallet a nice feel to the touch and makes it incredibly lightweight coming in at less than 3grams. 

Functionality & Utility 

The cavity card’s unique function is to carry coins. The premise is simple. Put your coins in the cavity card and slide the device inside one of your wallets card slots. Accessing the coins is as simple as sliding the cavity card out

It Comes in at 3.1mm thick. This is fairly bulky as that’s the same size as 4 of your cards. This means’ using this device will take up more room and really bulk up your wallet. You also have to consider where you will store this. In a typical leather wallet, for example, card slots are only meant to store around 1 – 2 cards so the accessory is actually ill-fitting in many circumstances which aren’t good. 

One aspect of the wallet is how many coins can you actually store in the device? Well, this depends on the type denomination of coins you carry but generally speaking, with a max of different coins, it’s around 3 – 5. The issue I have with this is this is really quite a low number and on average I’d expect people to carry many more coins than this with them on a daily basis. If just one coin doesn’t fit in the device then you’re back to square one – storing coins in your pocket. 

Final Verdict 

One great thing about the Cavity card is its price. Coming in around $15.00 the wallet accessory is very affordable and won’t break the bank. That being said, I am not entirely sure the cavity card works very well at all. The main issue is actually accessing the coins when they’re in the wallet. As cards are stuck at the bottom it requires you to take the entire device out which is very fiddly and with no effective way to do. 

You also don’t know, until you buy the accessory if it’s even suitable for your wallet. I tried the device in around 30 different wallets and found it fit the vast majority 19/30. Nevertheless, in the majority of cases, the device didn’t fit the wallet very well and actually got stuck in a few cases (don’t force it in). 

Overall, the cavity card does do what it suggests but in a very satisfactory and rudimentary way. The wallet has a very small capacity for coins and accessing them once in use is really difficult and unpleasant to use. I’d recommend staying away from the Cavity card this time. If you really need coin storage just stick to a wallet that has this feature.

It seems the Cavity Card has ceased trading as of 01.12.2020. Although I didn’t give this wallet accessory a great review it’s always sad to see innovation, and creativity leave any industry. We wish the founders and creators of Cavity Card all the best in their future endeavors. 


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