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The Walllum M1 Wallet Review

The Good
  • An amazing and unique design. The wallet looks premium and has great functionality for a wallet of this size. 
  • Great range of colors available including silver, black, blue, and gold.
  • One of the cheapest and most affordable metal wallets on the market.
The Bad
  • The wallet is quite heavy. It can be felt in the pocket quite considerably. 
  • The elastic bands, also functional, can snap and render the wallet useless. You have to be quite careful because of this. 

The Wallum M1 is a great minimalist wallet with a strong, bold look combined with ample functionality for card storage. What makes the Wallum M1 different from other similar cardholder type wallets is the addition of its money clip located on its back. This sturdy clip allows for cash to easily be held securely while adding very little in terms of additional bulk. Let’s look in further detail at this unusual metal wallet.

Wallum is a brand first originating from Austria by a student of Vienna’s university of technology. As with most origins of the time, the sheer weight and inconvenience of his wallet were getting in the way of his everyday life. With the core principles of practicality and simplicity, the Wallum wallet was born and he went on to release a highly successful Kickstarter campaign in 2013 raising over $12,000.


Look & Design

The main selling point of the Wallum M1, along with its slim profile, it’s its unique look. Made from aluminum and with a futuristic charm, the Wallum provides a nice balance between elegance and modern design. What adds to the M1’s look specifically is the inclusion of rubber bands that hold the two sides of the wallet together but also provide elasticity for helping insert and remove cash cards at ease. These bands all add to the Wallum’s distinctive style and additional bands are included with your M1 for if they happen to snap. Although this has yet to happen to me even with extensive use. You can also purchase more from the Wallum website if this was to happen.

The Wallum design is unique, to say the least. In fact, if you look at the extensive range of metal wallets on the market you’ll find it hard to find one as distinctive as the M1. This is probably due to the rubber band and accents but the wallet really stands out from the crowd. There are 4 colors available to purchase the M1 in. Black, Silver, and the more distinctive blue and gold(ish). My personal favorite is the silver as it really makes the wallet pop and gives it a classy yet distinctive look. 


Functionality & Utility 

Although not it’s strong point the functionality of the M1 far exceeds that of the similar minimalist wallets on the market. This is mainly due to, the previously mentioned, money clip. This metal extension protruding from the back of the wallet is a fantastic addition to a slim wallet as it provides an effective method for note storage. The wallet comes in at 88mm x 57mm x 12mm and has a maximum card capacity of up to 12 cards.

The usability of the Wallum M1 very much matches its functionality. In practice, the wallet is a joy to use with little concerns. The wallet suffers from the typical credit card “Bulking” which occurs when cards are stored by stacking them on top of each other. This usually results in a pain to insert or remove cards from the wallet, but the M1 got around the issue nicely with its flexibility added by the rubber bands. The issue still exists but just lessened. 

The money clip is also a defining point to the wallet that adds much to the wallet’s appeal. It works well, holds the card securely along with other paper-like items. The final thing worth mentioning is the wallet’s weight. Being made from metal adds some significant weight to the wallet. It didn’t affect my enjoyment at all but something to consider if you’re looking to not only cut down on size by weight too.


Price Tag

Coming in at only $48.00 I think the Wallum might be the cheapest metal wallet on the market today. Most metal wallets range anywhere from $60 to over $100 so having a more affordable option is really great. The M1 is a great choice for people who are not yet sure if a metal, or minimalist, wallet is for them and want a more affordable option to try out.

Final Verdict 

The Wallum has a nice balance between style and functionality. If you’re looking for a wallet made from a unique material in a refreshing style then perhaps the M1 wallet is for you. The M1 is available in black and silver in the middle of the range price of €45.00 ($48.00). For information on the Wallum visit their website using the link below.


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