Father’s Day 2023

The Best Wallet Discounts, Deals & Coupons

Father’s Day is nearly upon us, (Sunday June 18th for those who forgot), and it’s this month that many big and small name brands alike, release some of the best deals of the year. Wallets have been a stable gift for Father for over 100 years and if you’re looking for that perfect gift you can do a lot worse than a brand new wallet. In this article, I’ve compiled some of the very best deals, offers, and coupon codes for you to browse. Whether or not you’re looking to get a gift or simply want to capitalize on these amazing deals for yourself, I’m sure you’re find something that’ll take your fancy. 

The brands chosen on this list are some of the most popular wallet brands in the world, but we’ve also included many other brands that we personally love and have the biggest discounts! Enjoy, and if you have any recommendations for great wallet black Friday deals please get in touch with us at: hello@allthewallets.com.


Ridge Wallets

Up to 40% Off Sitewide

The largest independent wallet brand also has the largest Father’s Day sale. The Ridge is one of the most innovative wallets of its time and continues to be innovative in style and functionality. Here you can get up to 40% off selected wallets including all classic versions of the Ridge reducing its price to just $76.00. Ridge’s epic bundles are also on offer allowing you to get a range of Everyday Carry items, including a wallet, for as low as $160.00. See this amazing offer here


Ekster Wallets

Up to 30% Off Sitewide

Ekster probably doesn’t need an introduction. As one of the largest independent wallet brands in the world, they’ve made a name for themselves producing some of the very best pop-up wallets on the market. At the moment you can get 30% off their huge range of men’s wallets and everyday carry appeal. No need to apply a coupon code. This deal is applied automatically at checkout. You can also a free ‘Tool Card‘ with orders over $100+. You can also get your hands on their exclusive ‘Father’s Day Bundle with 40% off taking the price from $380 to only $228.


Dango Wallets

25% Off Sitewide

Dango doesn’t just produce some of the most innovative wallets in the world. You only need to take one look at their range to see that, in many cases, Dango Wallets don’t even look like wallets and often combined unique materials such as metal, leather, and rubber. For Father’s Day Dango are offering 25% Off their entire store with the coupon code ‘FD25‘ that can be applied at check out. 


Aviator Wallets

15% Off on all Wallets

Similar to the Ridge Wallet, Aviator is innovative in creating a minimalist wallet made from a range of different metals. In a sleek and compact design Aviator produce a wide array of different wallets with various functions including pull tabs, coin storage, and even the ability to store an Apple AirTag. Aviator currently has a 15% Off sitewide sale for Father’s Day. You can claim the offer by applying the coupon code ‘FATHERSDAY‘ at checkout. 


Popov Leather

Up to 40% Off Sitewide

If you’re looking for a more traditional-looking wallet then you should look no further than Popov Leather. These guys have built a reputation around some of the finest quality leather goods in the world and handmade and produce every wallet they make. Currently, Popov Leather has a 40% Off sale (sitewide) called their ‘Great Outdoors Event’. This makes such popular picks as their 5 Card Wallet come in as low as $59.00, among other products like Belts, and Cases.



25% Discount Sitewide

Axwell is one of the latest new brands on the block. They produce a wide array of metal and minimalist wallets US-made and built to last. They come in a wide array of different color offerings and also sell a wide range of other EDC goods. Currently, you can get around 25% Off selected products using coupon code ‘FD23‘ at checkout. 


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