The Ekster Senate Wallet Review

The Ekster Senate Wallet is something of a unique oddity in the world of wallets. On first inspection, it doesn’t really look like you’re even looking at a wallet with a clean design on both sides and no apparent way to store your credit or debit cards. In actual fact, the Ekster Senate wallet does an amazing job of reinventing and re-conceptualizing what we know about men’s wallets and what we carry with us on a daily basis. 

Ekster began life in a very successful Crowdfunding campaign and has since evolved into a premium brand selling men’s wallets and phone cases across the world. Their philosophy is simple. With an emphasis on peace of mind and building a wallet for the modern digital age Ekster continuously innovates in developing wallets that change the way we carry our belongings. Let’s now break down in detail the Ekster Senate Wallet and what it can offer you.

To us, innovation means bringing together the luxury of classic leather goods and the invention of slim technologies to create a wallet that’s the best of both worlds. Our products were named some of the best Kickstarter wallets because their hidden technology integrates seamlessly into everyday life, making each day a little simpler. We found a way to make new high-tech features work with the technology you’re already used to carrying around; it just makes sense’. – Ekster

Look & Design

The first thing you notice when unboxing the Esker Senate is its build quality and overall premium look. Ekster has done a fantastic job of creating a brand that ebbs quality with a high-class color range (available in Black, Brown, blue and cognac).

As mentioned earlier the distinctive look is something that immediately draws your attention. The Ekster is rectangular in shape being taller than it is wide. It’s also incredibly thin at only 0.85cm wide which firmly grants the wallet minimalist status.

What differs the Ekster Senate from other wallets in the Ekster range (see here for the parliament) is the inclusion of the removable cash strap. This serves a great function as it streamlines the wallet and creates a more effective way to store physical notes without adding bulk. The removable strap also has a single credit/debit card pocket on the front which can be used to store cards but is primarily used for the optional tracker card which can be bought separately (more on this later). 

From a quality perspective, Ekster has done a great job. The leather on the outside is made from premium top grain leather and each Ekster product is tanned under environmental protocols great for those environmentally inclined. The wallet’s stitching is also great and the wallet overall feels great, robust and hardy in the hand which is a great sign the wallet will last over extended use.

Functionality & Utility 

Where the wallet really shines is in its functionality and how it handles credit/debit card storage. With a card sliding system, the wallet’s leather is surrounded by a clever metal mechanism that perfectly cascades your cards out in a fluid motion. To use the slider you simply push a button located on the bottom right-hand side of the wallet. For me, this is an amazing little way to access your cards and in practicality, terms work flawlessly. 

This slider has a total capacity of 6 cards but if your cards are embossed – like most credit cards are – this is reduced to 4 – 5. Personally speaking, this isn’t a huge storage capacity so be wary of this. Nevertheless, additional cards can be stored in the strap if you so wish.

Cash is stored through this same strap. Keep in mind that cash will have to be folded up to be effectively stored. This is something that is a necessary evil in slimmer wallets as it creates an unnecessary hindrance especially when it comes quickly accessing and putting away cash. Just something to keep in mind. 

The final thing I want to talk about is the Ekster Smart Tracker card. Although this is an optional extra it’s one of the main selling points of Ekster as a brand so it’s worth mentioning (I plan on doing a full review of this later).

Smart Tracking Card

The smart tracker card is a debit card-sized device that enables you to track the location of your wallet on your smartphone. I’ve seen examples of a smart tracking device in the past but never one which perfectly takes the shape of a card for easy and seamless storage. With an integrated app on iPhone and Android, the tracker card works great and is great for those who are prone to losing their wallets. 

Final Verdict

Overall, I really enjoyed using the Ekster Senate wallet and it is a refreshing take on the men’s wallet. The wallet is easy to use and includes a great range of functionality to improve on what we’ve previously seen from wallets in the past. I recommend the Ekster wallet to those people who are looking for a streamlined, minimalist wallet and would love the option to upgrade it to a smart wallet (Ekster Tracker Card) if they so wish.

For more information on the Ekster wallet visit their official website by clicking the link below.


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