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It gets to a point when reviewing when you’ve seen it all. Sure, every now and then new technology or a new company comes along that adds a little extra something, but generally, they remain the same. With popular designs such as pop-up wallets dominating the market, it’s no surprise that huge global manufacturers have taken it upon themselves to replicate many popular designs. 

I don’t enjoy hating any one brand but the Simpl Wallet is nothing more than a cheap knock-off of many popular brands currently on the market. Want a Ridge-style wallet? Then Simpl has you covered with the Nano Wallet. Big fan of Ekster? Well, you can always go with the Toggl Wallet which also utilizes the same pop-up mechanism. 

The problem with these knock-off wallets is they’re all made in the exact same factory in China and sold on wholesale sites to brands, such as Simpl, to resell for huge markup and profits. As you can imagine from any mass-produced wallet that you can buy for as little as $5.00 (no, really check the Alibaba price here) these wallets are made from inferior material with no attention to detail or care for materials or quality.

Basically, these wallets are all the same, made by the same company, and rebranded by the likes of Simpl to make a quick profit. The cheapest wallet on the Simpl Website is the Toggl Wallet retailing at £32.99 (and that’s on discount), but this exact wallet can be bought on wholesale sites for as little as $4.99. In my opinion, it’s these companies’ misleading marketing that makes me suggest most people should stay clear of them. They often make it out like their wallets are handmade or produced in the US which is simply a blatant lie and nothing more than misleading marketing jargon.

Overall, I really don’t need to use any of the Simpl Wallets to tell you that they are not worth the money and are one of many different brands touting the same old crap from China. I have about 30 wallets in my collection, all plastered with different logos but all identical in size, shape, design, and materials – even the packaging is the same. Overall, I can recommend what I dub these copycat or Knock-off wallets. Although the prices might be enticing compared to actual named branded products (like the Ridge mentioned above or Ekster), the lack of quality isn’t worth the reduced price.

I recommend you spend slightly more money and have a wallet that’ll last your years not months.  Overall, don’t waste your time with these sorry excuses of a men’s wallet, and find a more trustworthy brand that will provide a better EDC Experience. For more information on these wallets check out our article on ‘Copycat wallets’ here

Our Verdict

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We avoid these no-named brands. These are simply mass produced wallets from China with a brand name slapped on the box. We’ve used our fair share of wallets similar to the Simpl Wallet and they always lack quality in materials and craftsmanship. The price is attractive, but not a wallet that would last any signicant time over use.


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