The Dax v2 Wallet Review

The Dax wallet was one of the first wallets I backed on Kickstarter back in 2015. During the peak in Innovative wallets hitting the Crowdfunding scene Dax managed to raise over 40K to develop their take on a minimalist wallet with a Unique way to access your cards. Since then, Dax has made some major improvements on the wallet mainly from a quality perspective upgrading its materials and making the experience that little bit tighter and better.

After using the wallet as my daily carry back in 2015 it was interesting to go back to the wallet 5 years later and see how it holds up with some of the newer wallets that we’ve seen developed. The Dax has held its own even after 5 years on the market and in this review, we’re going to explore the Dax in more while comparing it to other cascading wallets currently on the market. 

‘We were inspired by how modern mobile apps incorporate delightful interactions to create beautiful user experiences. The color gradient is a tribute to one of the team’s favorite apps’.

Look & Design

The most attractive feature of the Dax wallet is the way it uses a unique range of colors to really make the wallet pop. From a gradient of reds and oranges or to a range of blues the way the wallet utilizes color is the best I’ve ever come across in a wallet. 

The outside of the wallet is made from a strong nylon-like material that was originally purposed for industrial use. This makes the material strong, durable with water repellent properties. It has a distinctively unique look and actually feels really great in the hand. I tried using this wallet when I went camping and found it a joy as the material performs great under rough, or dirty conditions and can be easily cleaned without fear of ruining the materials. 

Recently Dax was made available in leather also. This really brings a premium feel to the wallet that wasn’t there with the original. The leather is of premium quality and it really brings the wallet to another level. Obviously there are pros and cons of both materials but if you’re looking for a premium look and feel – while retaining the innovative features of the Dax this leather version might be for you. Overall I really can’t fault the look of the wallet. You get an amazing range of color options, the choice of two vastly different but great materials in a compact minimalist size.

Functionality & Utility 

The Dax wallet prides itself on being the world’s first cascading pull tabs wallet. By this, we mean that you access your cards by pulling a piece of fabric that individually spreads out or fans your cards out in a way that allows easy access without the typical fumbling you get with other wallets. 

One thing to keep in mind is the Dax wallet’s lack of card capacity. With only a max capacity of 5 cards, it falls on the low side of what it can hold. Personally speaking, I only carry 4 cards with me but for many, this wallet won’t be viable as it simply doesn’t provide ample capacity for many. This wallet is definitely aimed at people who are looking for a slim or minimalist wallet so measure this up against your current wallet and make sure the Dax meets your needs. 

Turn the Dax around and you’re greatest with a slit in the material which is where you can store any physical banknotes. The slot is tight so cash can’t fall out but you will have to fold the notes a few times to fit correctly. This is common in smaller wallets of this size and a done to maintain the wallet’s slim dimensions. 

Finally, the Dax is secured with a magnetic clip that works by keeping your wallet secure. Think of it like the Apple Mac charging port which snaps into place for easy and secure usage. It’s a really nice addition to the v2 and it’s the little things like this that sets the Dax apart from other wallets like this. 

Dax Alternatives

Dax has the benefit of being a unique wallet within its own little category. The closest alternative to the Dax is probably another slider wallets like the esker range. 

Esker Senate Wallet 

Another Kickstarter Success story the Esker Senate is a prime example of a cascading wallet with a high-quality look and feel. The difference between the Esker and Dax is they have a button which is a more seamless way to access your cards.

The Esker is also made from both metal and leather. The card cascading mechanism is made from metal while the wallet is coated in a high-quality leather from a more premium look. The Ekster is also much more expensive so keep that in mind. For more information on this wallet check out our full review by clicking here. 

The Craft Wallet 

The Craft Wallet is very similar to the Dax but is made entirely out of metal. It uses a push-button that instantly cascades your cards. It’s lightweight and really attractive in design. The main negative aspect of the craft is it doesn’t provide any way to store your notes. For more information on the Craft wallet check out our full review by clicking here.

Consumer Reviews

Dax has been fairly well received in the Kickstarter and wallet community. With ratings and Amazon and their official website averaging higher than most. Below are 3 handpicked reviews each giving a different opinion on the Dax wallet. 

  • Review 1Great little wallet, perfect for holding your cards. The cascading design is very convenient. The color palette is very nice and the choice of colors really compliment each other. The material is strong and sturdy. Highly recommended A+

  • Review 2 ‘The design is awesome, however, I hope that you can improve the quality, as the plastic levels are not so stable‘.

  • Review 3 ‘Just one thing to keep in mind when you put your cards in it plastic cardholders won’t be visible. So, if you think it would be colorful when you open it you are wrong’.

Warning: Dax has left a statement on their Facebook suggesting that many fraudulent websites – using the Dax name – have popped up. Please be wary of this. Dax, for whatever reason, has not created a separate website under the Dax brand name which can cause confusion among the public when trying to purchase the wallet. 

Final Verdict

The wallet offers a unique and attractive design but should not appeal much to those who want tons of features and have many items, more than just cards, in their wallet. I think this wallet would best fit someone who is looking for style and already has moved away from a bigger wallet looking for a much more minimalist design.

This wallet is also very abstract and creative in its design. If you’re someone who likes the way this wallet looks and really wants a statement piece – this may be for you.

The wallet is available for a hefty $110. Is this worth the high price tag? As I always say it depends on what you’re looking for in a wallet. Some people will go for this wallet simply because it has a highly limited availability and abstract design. Others couldn’t as it doesn’t accommodate their physical needs. Unfortunately as the guys at Discommon only produce products on a very limited lifecycle you’ll have to wait until the Thermoformed 2.0 wallet is back in stock. I often check back with them every couple of months and they’re still sold out.


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