The Misc Goods Co. Wallet Review

An minimalist Flap Wallet Built to Last

Misc Good Co. is a brand full of cool and quirky items to purchase. From playing cards, incense and Flasks they take great price in a small but highly attractive, well design range of products. The item that got excited was of course their Leather Wallet – The so-called ‘keep it slim’ Flap Wallet. This minimalist wallet (coming in at 4.5″ by 2.5″) is very creative with its design and as the name suggests is a flap wallet that resembles that of an envelope where cash, cards, and other small paper items can be easily secured with the flap closure feature. 

The Misc Good’s wallet itself is incredibly high quality too. Being made from full-grain leather that’s been treated with oils that give it a deep rich color and almost moist texture (very much like crazy horse leather). Its stitching is also worthy of mentioning being hand-stitched with beautiful waxed thread that is prominent in the design and adds to the vintage look of the wallet. The build quality and craftsmanship are exemplary, with the Misc Goods Co. Wallet developing a deep rich patina over time that adds to its iconic look. 

Its functionality is also very strong especially considering its smaller size. I managed to fit anywhere between 10 – 20 cards easily with more at a push (you will need to break the leather in). Cash storage is ample, but everything is stored within the same ‘one’ large slot so things can get cluttered very quickly (just something to keep in mind). Overall, the Flap Wallet by Misc Co. is an amazing little wallet. It pushes the boundaries of space management while keeping a classy look and fantastic durability. All this can be yours for a reasonable price tag of $58.00 – a bargain in my opinion. 

  • Functionality 71% 71%
  • Design 87% 87%
  • Price 84% 84%



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