Karakoram2 Smart Slide Wallet Review

A Minimalist Cascading Card Wallet

The Karakoran2 Smart Slide Wallet is a cascading card or pop-up wallet that takes inspiration from the popular brands Ekster and Secrid. Where the Karakoram2 innovates with this wallet is creating a more slimline or minimalist size as most pop-up wallets generally come in at a larger size. For those who don’t know, pop-up or slide wallets utilize a system where credit/debit cards can be automatically pushed out of a metal device cascading the cards out in a fanning style for easy access. It’s definitely one of the more innovative and effective ways of carrying and accessing your cards and this shows in its popularity to date. 

As previously mentioned the Karakoram2 Slide Wallet is probably one of the smaller-sized pop-up wallets I’ve come across coming in at just 105 mm x 74 mm. Compare that to similar style wallets and has a really compact size much more suited to people who want to carry less and have a more comfortable EDC experience. The Karakoran2 Slide Wallet also has quite an elegant and premium look to it. This is down to the sustainably sourced full-grain leather that the metal cascading device is covered in. This leather is extremely good quality, has a wonderful feel, and is the type of leather that’ll last the test of time and develop a wonderful patina the more you use it. The outside leather also has an additional card slot for up to an additional 2 cards, most likely utilized for your most commonly used cards (this gives the total capacity of the wallet up to 10 cards). 

Finally, an elastic money band, or strap, hugs the outside of the leather. This is used for tucking any banknotes/bills you may have for additional storage. RFID Security is included, but only on the outside slot. This’ll protect your contactless cards from a crime known as ‘card skimming’ where unsuspecting criminals could steal your money. Overall, I was very satisfied with my time using the Karakoran2 Smart Slide Wallet. Coming in at a price tag of $79.00 it’s by no means cheap, but its quality, innovative design, and durability showcase this is a wallet to last and worth the higher price tag. For more information on the Karakoran2 Wallet, and its full range, check out their official website using the link below. 

  • Functionality 74% 74%
  • Design 76% 76%
  • Price 63% 63%



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