Swisst AirTag Wallet Review

[Buyers Guide 2022]

The rise in popularity and affordability of Apple’s AirTags has given host to a whole new wave of wallets. These so-called ‘AirTag’ Wallets quickly picking up stream and are appearing all over the market. Today we’re going to look at one such example of a brand that has entered the airtag wallet market – SWISST

Swisst as a brand originally came to fruition selling Smart Bags. These bags, are highly innovative and comprises a rucksack-style bag with a built-in automatic light and wireless charging capabilities – quite innovative if you ask me. From here, they’ve now released a range of AirTag Wallets that have all the hallmarks of a fantastic wallet. Let’s dig into what the SWISST AirTag Wallet could offer you.


Look & Design

At the moment of writing, there are two different styles of AirTag wallets developed by SWISST. The first is a minimalist and ultra-thin leather wallet with a compact design and premium materials (see this here). The second is of much more interest to me and is a combination of a pop-up-style wallet. For the sake of simplicity, I’m just going to be talking about SWISST’s pop-up wallet known as the SWISST AirTag Pop-Up Wallet

The first thing you’ll note when unboxing the SWISST Wallet is its fantastic quality and attention to detail. Being made from a combination of quality full-grain leather and a lightweight metal for the internal pop-up mechanism gives the wallet a fantastic look, feel and weight in the hand. Not only this but on closer inspection, it was clear that the level of craftsmanship was very strong with perfectly cut leather, clean stitching, and a smell to die for – quality stuff! 

Not only this but the SWISST Wallet comes in a huge variety of different color options some not that common and not found in other brands. From classic colors such as browns and blacks through to more unique offerings including blue, white, grey, and even pink. I love it when brands offer more variety in terms of design and it really helps put SWISST above the rest. 


Functionality & Utility

There’s quite a lot to talk about when it comes to the functionality of the SWISST AirTag Wallet. After all, the most important part of any wallet is its ability to store your cash, cards, and other belongings. To put it simply, the SWISST Wallet has it all going for it and that’s thanks to its combination of modern design and innovation. This is mainly down to its use of the popular pop-up, or cascading card, mechanism. This system for storing and accessing your credit/debit cards is one that only gained popularity in the past decade and has cremated itself as the gold standard. 

In a nutshell, a pop-up wallet is one that uses a metal mechanism that holds and secures your cards. Using a lever located at the bottom of the device, allows cards to be automatically pushed out the top of the holder and perfectly fans them out for easy access. This is easy to use, easy to store, and great for seamless accessibility when on the move. In total the wallet can store anywhere between 2 and 10 credit/debit cards.

Finally, we must talk about how the wallet works for storing cash/bills. One innovative aspect of this wallet is the leather section, which surrounds the metal pop-up mechanism, which can be opened up to reveal an internal section with two additional card slots (that can store up to 4 cards) and a dedicated area for cash. This stores cash in a dedicated slot larger than a classic card slot but not as small as a traditional full-width card slot found in many traditional bi-fold wallets. We also can’t fail to mention the wallet’s ability to store an AirTag. This is done with a classic button fastener and stores the airtag at the front of the wallet. 

Final Verdict

Overall, The SWISST AirTag Wallet is a fantastic example of ingenuity and design. It provides the best of all worlds with a sleek design, and great capacity while also allowing the storage of AirTags. The quality and overall style of the wallet are very modern and the ability to choose from 11 different colors is a nice touch. The wallet just works, and at a very affordable price tag of $49.95 (currently on sale at half price) is very attractive and great value for money.

For more information on SWISST and their full range visit their official website using the link below. 


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