Carbon Flick Wallet Review

Another Knock-Off to Avoid

The Carbon Flick Wallet can only de described as a simple cash grab from the person or company who set up their shady website. Time and time again I’m constantly bombarded with questions regarding brands that seem too good to be true, and it’s very clear, The Carbon Flick Wallet is clearly not what it seems, and if you don’t want to discover why I’ll simply put I do not recommend this wallet (read more on Copycat Wallets here). 

To give a quick summary of the Carbon Flick Wallet it is a classic example of the popular Pop-Up wallet (also commonly referred to as a cascading wallet or flick wallet). This style of wallet, which uses a mechanism and lever to access your cards, was first popularised by Secrid and Ekster it has a lot going for it and is a fantastic way to access and store your credit/debit cards. That being said, not all pop-up wallets are created equally, and with popularity comes cheap knock-offs mass-produced and sold at increasingly low prices.

This isn’t just an issue in terms of how well it works, but also its durability is put into question. I’ve often found these cheap knock-off wallets often break very easily or simply just don’t work as well as other more respected brands. The biggest nail in the coffin for me, and the reason why I wouldn’t recommend the Carbon Flick Wallet, is its blatant lies. 

As the name suggests, the Carbon Flick Wallet boasts their wallets are made from authentic carbon fiber. You only need to look at the price of these wallets, coming in at just $29.99 it’s far too cheap to be real as Carbon Fiber is a luxury material, used in supercars, and premium goods, and isn’t cheap to manufacture.

What we’re dealing with hear is a simple, Carbon Fiber ‘look-a-like’, usually made from plastic to give the appearance of a carbon fiber aesthetic. This is also confirmed by the range of colors the Carbon Flick Wallet comes in. Carbon Fiber is made from graphitic materials. Due to its fibers, and color composition it can’t be colored or tinted. So, if you spot some colored carbon fiber parts, they are totally fake, for sure. For more information on how to spot fake carbon fiber check out this great article by Fotografia.

  • Functionality 51% 51%
  • Design 30% 30%
  • Price 65% 65%



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