Hendbury Sloane Cardholder Review

[Buyers Guide 2022]

As far as we can remember, the Hendbury Sloane Edition Card Holder is the first minimalist wallet that we have reviewed that comes with a zip pocket. Come to think of it, while it is not uncommon to have a zip pocket in a wallet, it is rather surprising that it took this long for us to come across one on a slim wallet. It is likely that the reason for this is that zip pockets are often associated with coin and key storage, something that most minimalist wallet users eliminate from their wallets.

The story started in 2017 when Hendbury released their first Kickstarter campaign for this unusual wallet. At the time, wallets were all the rage on crowdfunding websites and they eventually secured just over £10,000 a great example of crowdfunding success. From here, little is known as to why the company didn’t continue producing its wallets. Their website slowly fell into obscurity and eventually, the company, Hendbury, went offline. Today we’re going to explore this lost wallet, see what it was all about, and what similar alternatives are available on the market today. 

Look & Design

After using the Hendbury Sloane Edition Card Holder, we have come to the conclusion that a zip pocket is quite a handy feature to have on a slim wallet. We primarily used it for storing cash and with a zip, our cash does feel a lot more secure. While we are most certainly heading towards a cashless society, we still have to deal with cash and coins on a daily basis. For example, we get coins as change and certain parking areas still require using coins as payment. 

Normally, when we do come across coins, we just stuff them down the pocket but with this wallet, there is a proper place to store them which makes them a whole lot easier to retrieve when needed. We like that the zip pocket does not add any noticeable overall bulk to the wallet. You can store coins, keys, and other small items if you want to. But if you don’t, it is not something that takes up unwanted space on your wallet.

Design-wise, the wallet was made from a fantastic soft-touch finish that made the wallet really high quality in look and feel in the hand. Its craftmanship was all very good being made in the United Kingdom by skilled leatherworkers. 


Functionality & Utility

The other features of the Hendbury Sloane Edition Card Holder are card slots on either side of the wallet. There are 3 slots on the front (where the logo is) of the wallet while on the back there is a single slot. The front section can store about 6 to 8 cards while the back stores a single card.

The midsection has an RFID-blocking lining that protects the cards stored in the front section. The slot at the back has no RFID blocking and it is ideal for storing a contactless card that you want to use without the hassle of removing the card from your wallet. This can be a door access card or a metro pass that you use on a frequent basis.

Overall the wallet was fantastic and really excelled in maximizing space in what was a small wallet in size. The zipper on this style of wallet is really something not commonly found in many other wallets and the only examples I can think of include The Capsule Accomplice Wallet and Bon Maxie’s Zipper Wallet. You can also check out other zipper-style wallets here. 

Final Verdict

The wallet itself is rather slim and compact. It is only slightly larger than a credit card. It is designed in England and made using high-quality premium British leather. The workmanship is superb and the zip pocket uses a YKK zipper. It was available in both black and brown two classic colors that almost every wallet is produced in. Overall, The Henbury Wallet is a lost gem and a wallet that really could have gone far. We will never know what happened to the company and the future prospects of this wallet. 

For more information on this wallet check out their original Kickstarter Campaign using the link below. 


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