Ekster AirTag Wallet Review

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Ekster is a brand I’ve talked a lot about over the years. Founded in 2016 through a successful Kickstarter campaign it quickly rose to become one of the dominant brands in the wallet world. This was thanks to their innovative designs that combined both modern styles with traditional contemporary styles. This allowed people to retain an almost vintage/traditional look while getting all the benefits from modern features such as the popular pop-up style mechanisms for access cards and RFID Security

Today we’re going to be looking at another evolution in the Ekster Wallet line – The Ekster AirTag Wallet. This wallet is essentially the same as Ekster’s best-selling wallet the Ekster Parliament asides from its ability to store Apple’s highly popular AirTag. I’m sure if you’re reading this article you already know what an AirTag does but for the uninformed, it’s one of the best ways to track the whereabouts of any item you attach the AirTag to. Using Apple’s ‘Find My’ App it uses GPS and other advanced technology to map and locate the Tag from anywhere across the globe. We talk more regarding so-called Smart Wallets’ and how they work, in our ‘best of’ article.

Here at Ekster, our mission is simple; we make good-looking gear that saves you time. First, we reimagined the traditional wallet, making it easier to use and harder to lose. Now we’re upgrading the rest of your carry essentials so you have time to focus on what really matters.” – Ekster. 2022

Look & Design

The Ekster Brand paved the way for some of the most unique wallet designs in the world. When you first lay eyes on the Ekster Parliament it can be difficult to even see how such a unique-looking object could even store your belongings including cash and cards. But looks can be deceiving and underneath the body of this wallet made from a combination of leather, metal, and elastic is an incredibly well-thought-out, functional, and durable wallet. 

The wallet utilizes what’s known as a pop-up mechanism for storing and accessing cards (also goes by the name cascading, or sliding wallet. This relevantly new style of the wallet has become one of the most popular ways of storing cards on the market utilized by many famous brands including the likes of Secrid. It works quite simply. Credit/Debit Cards are stored within a rectangular card case. A lever located at the bottom of the case can be pushed which instantly cascades your cards out the top and fans them out evenly so they’re easy to access.  

Ekster takes this one step further, and this card case is wrapped and coated in full-grain leather. This provides even more functionality to the wallet (more on this later) and provides that vintage look we’ve previously talked about, in part, thanks to the range of colors, although, the current Ekster AirTag Wallet is currently only available in black. The wallet is also incredibly thin coming in at just 0.4 inches, making it not only a very comfortable carry in front/back pockets but, again, retains a great level of storage capacities for its size – a win-win situation.


Functionality & Utility 

All the amazing design features of the Ekster AirTag Wallet come together to create a highly functional wallet with fantastic storage and capabilities. In total, the cardholder (pop-up) compartment of the wallet can hold a maximum of 6 non-embossed cards, or a combination of 4 to 5 embossed/non-embossed cards. This, obviously, depends on the thickness of the cards in question, so if you have many embossed cards then the max capacity will be fewer. Including the additional card slots from the leather included in the wallet makes the amazon capacity of the wallet anywhere from 9 to 12 credit/debit cards.

Although the wallet doesn’t have a dedicated slot for banknotes, these can easily be secured in either one of the additional leather card slots or in the included elastic cash strap located in the center of the wallet. This flexible piece of elastic is durable, yet flexible enough to allow folded bills/banknotes to be stored underneath for easy access and protection. Finally, the wallet also includes RFID Security which helps protect your credit/debit cards against a common crime known as ‘card skimming. A must in any 21st-century wallet. 

You’re probably well aware of the features of the Apple AirTag, but for those who don’t, it offers a fantastic array of features including the Worldwide Lost and found network (Tracking), P67 water and dust resistance, Separation alerts, and automatic ringing features. 

Value for Money

The Ekster AirTag Wallet retails at a price tag of $99.00. I often talk a lot about ‘value for money’ when it comes to the price tag of any given wallet. After all, too different wallets could be widely different prices yet be worth/not worth the price depending on quality, construction, or, if it’s your thing, brand perception. As mentioned earlier Ekster is one of the most respected wallet brands in the world. They really take great pride in the quality of each and every one of their products, while also taking a vested interest in the suitability and environment of their products. 

Ekster also has a fantastic warranty and returns policy and including their great customer service and over 25,000 reviews (with over 98% being 4 to 5-star ratings), it’s hard not to see the value in Ekster, their brand, and their AirTag Wallet. 


Final Verdict

Overall, I have nothing really bad to say about the Ekster AirTag Wallet. I’ve written a lot regarding how good the Ekster wallet range is in the past and I’ve always been a fan of both the amazing functionality and quality of their wallets. The AirTag Wallet by Ekster is essentially the same as the Parliament wallet (which we gave a raving review), so it’s hard to fault this as its only difference is the inclusion of the slot for an AirTag. 

In terms of how well the AirTag fits inside the wallet – it’s very good. It really hugs the body of the wallet well with no wriggle room or movement when stored inside. This makes the AirTag very secure so you don’t have to worry about it potentially falling out (which is the case with some current AirTag Wallets on the market at the moment. For more information on Ekster’s AirTag Wallet and their full range check out the Ekster official website using the link below. You can also discover more of the Best AirTag Wallets on the market to date in our full article here

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