Bon Maxie Wallet Review

How Good is the Mighty Mini Wallet?

The Mighty Mini Wallet by Bon Maxie is a very unusual wallet that has one of the most intense and unusual designs I’ve come across in a long time. What Bon Maxie has done is create a minimalist wallet and crammed every inch of the wallet’s surface with card slots, zips, and slots. The wallet really could be called Frankenstein’s Monster, down to its absurdly cluttered appearance that kind of looks a combination of many different types of wallets together. To say the wallet is ugly is probably an understatement. 

I personally think it one of the ugliest wallets on the market today, simply down to its previously mentioned mish-mashed shape. That being said, the Mighty Mini Wallet isn’t made from cheap materials with its entire body being made from a full-grain sustainably sourced leather. For those who don’t know Full-Grain Leather is the highest quality leather on the market, known for its durability, toughness, and long-lasting disposition – a great choice for any wallet. It also comes in a range of unique and uncommonly seen colors including the likes of pink, green, and also a snakeskin variation. 

Where the Bon Maxie Wallet really excels is, as we’ve briefly touched on, its range of features. As probably the most jam-packed wallet for its smaller size (coming in at 9 x 13 x 1.2cm) the wallet has storage capabilities similar to wallets much larger than the Mighty Mini (I guess that’s why it’s called that). In total, the wallet has 6 card slots all with RFID Blocking for a total capacity of around 12 cards. At the very top is also a roomy zipper slot for cash storage, or even more cards if you wash. On the back, is a pocket dedicated to storing and coins that uses a button clip to keep everything secure in place – handy for those who carry coins with them. 

To conclude, the Mighty Mini Wallet by Bon Maxie is an amazing wallet for storage, while also keeping your everyday carry to a nice compact size. The only issue I have with the Bon Maxie is its look. I can’t get over how ugly the wallet really is and personally, for me, it wouldn’t be a wallet I’d want to carry with myself on a daily basis. Coming in at $89,00, the Mighty Mini is a fairly expensive wallet but a great option for those who want the best of both worlds – small size and huge storage. For more information on this wallet check their official website by clicking the link below. 

  • Functionality 88% 88%
  • Design 59% 59%
  • Price 71% 71%


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