Vans Slipped Wallet Review

A Vans Original Trifold Wallet

Van’s is one of the world’s most popular sneaker brands in the world, but did you know they also sold wallets? The Van’s wallet is one of the mixed opinions. In good news, the Van’s Slipped Wallet (the only wallet they sell), is fantastically priced where it’s pretty much affordable to everyone at just $15.00. On the flip side, the wallet really doesn’t do much for me in terms of both quality, size, and overall design. Let’s dig into this a little more. 

The Vans Slipped Wallet is designed in a Trifold Style made from canvas material. The wallet resembles what I’d describe as a classic velcro wallet. You know those wallets everyone had as a kid? Well, this wallet is essentially one of these but designed more to keep within the Vans brand with a variety of designs including the famous checkerboard pattern. It also comes in a small range of other designs/colors including 20+ options from black through to pink or red. 

In terms of functionality, the wallet is on the larger size providing a plethora of storage options for the man who tends to carry more. With 5 dedicated card slots that can carry up to 10+ credit/debit cards, an ID Card Slot, and a full-width cash slot (for banknotes) the wallet is designed in a typical fashion for wallets that want to do it all what ends up being a larger size wallet (coming in at 4.75 x 3 inches). 

The functionality of the wallet is good in terms of storage, but in general, I just couldn’t get behind the poorer choice of materials and the lack of attention to detail in the wallet’s craftsmanship and construction. But perhaps I’m being too critical of the wallet especially considering its price accordingly in regards to its construction and quality – please keep that in mind. 

Overall, I’m on the fence regarding whether I enjoyed my time using the Van’s Slipped Wallet. On one hand, the wallet is very affordable and would probably make a fantastic wallet for a kid or someone who got their first wallet as it has a timeless look and design and is very easy to use. On the other hand, the wallet just wasn’t very pleasant to use on a daily basis. Card slots were loose and ill-fitting, the size way larger than it had to be, and the material cheap feeling and unpleasant to the touch. 

The Vans Wallet would best be suited to someone who wants a simple throw-away wallet for a special occasion, holiday or to use in a one-off occasion such as extreme sports or camping where it can get beat up without any qualms of it breaking. For more information on the Vans Slipped Wallet visit their official website using the link below. 

  • Functionality 70% 70%
  • Design 55% 55%
  • Price 81% 81%



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