The Tac Wallet Review

Is this the most durable wallet on the market? 

I’m not usually a big fan of wallets that come from shopping TV channels that are self-proclaimed ‘as seen on TV’ wallets (view the advertisement here). That Being Said, The Tac Wallet is something that got my attention when I first stumbled across it on Amazon. The tac wallet is an abbreviation of tactical and is named accordingly due to its unique selling point, trying to free one of the most durable wallets on the market. This durable or tactical nature is achieved by the wallet’s choice of material. Being made from a nylon-type flame-resistant fabric the wallet is shown in many images as being resistant to fire while also being hardy enough that high-velocity items, shown in the ad as a bow and arrow can’t penetrate the material. 

When I unboxed the wallet is was clear the material was highly durable and very strong in nature to the point where I found it difficult to even maneuver the material as it was just so strong. This also confirmed my suspicions, as many purchasers of the Tac Wallet found it difficult to store credit/debit cards (the card slots are overly tight and don’t loosen up over time). This creates an annoyingly difficult to use a wallet where cards aren’t easily freed and my difficult to get access to. Other features include RFID Protection, an internal hidden card slot, and a key loop. 

Overall, the Tac Wallet can store up to 5 credit or debit cards with dedicated storage for many banknotes folded within the compounds and internals of the wallet. The unique selling point of the Tac Wallet is creating a highly durable wallet, which it does well, and although I haven’t set my wallet on fire other people have found it to be very resistant to all the elements including water, fire, and general wear and tear. But as an actual functional piece for storing your cash and cards, the wallet doesn’t do a great job and isn’t that effective. Along with this, the fabric material has a pretty horrific and low quality feel to it, and generally, the wallet hasn’t got a nice premium quality or look to it. That being said, at a price tag of only $14.99 the Tac Wallet is highly affordable and one that would be perfect for someone looking for an alternative, to use alongside another wallet, for use in extreme situations, or when you need a wallet that might get roughed up a little bit. For more information on the Tac Wallet visit their Amazon page using the link below.

  • Functionality 69% 69%
  • Design 58% 58%
  • Price 81% 81%



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