The DUN Fold Wallet Review

[Buyers Guide 2022]

DUN is a wallet brand that I’ve been a big fan of since its conception back in 2013. They first found success with their original DUN Wallet first funded through Kickstarter and raised a modest $27,000 in crowdfunding. I first tried the Original DUN Wallet back in 2017 and was amazing, not only in its style but its innovative design. The DUN Fold, also funded through Kickstarter, was an evolution of this wallet with a more capable and ever increasingly compact design. 

Today we’re going to go into detail regarding the DUN Fold Wallet, its design, material, and how it could perform as your new everyday carry a wallet.  Let’s dig straight into this highly unique wallet.

Design & Functionality

The DUN Fold takes a highly innovative design not one I’ve personally come across in any other wallet. It takes a tri-fold style, designed in three distinct sections. The two sections on their side of the wallet both have individual card slots that can store up to 2 cards each. The middle section has what DUN refer to as their signature ‘cash strap’. This allows for banknotes/bills to be tucked underneath a section of leather allowing bills to lie flat similar to a classic full-width card slot seen on traditional bi-fold wallets. Its design allows for bills of all currencies to fit, and for easy access to cash from either side of the wallet (capacity of up to 8 bills). 

Handmade in Europe from top-grain calf leather, the wallet has a real premium feel and its all-black design adds to its premium and luxurious look and feel. Its sizing is also noteworthy. At just 9 x 6 x 0.7 cm the wallet is very small in size and is easily stored in a front or back pocket with comfort. Considering its small size, the wallet is surprisingly spacious. 


With three card slots in total, which can store approximately 2 cards each, the total capacity of the DUN Fold is around 6 – 8 cards. One of these card slots also resides on the outside of the wallet for quick access to your most-used credit/debit card(s). 

Finally, the DUN Wallet also comes with RFID Protection as standard thanks to its German-made RFID blocking foil. For those who don’t know, RFID Protection helps prevent a crime known as ‘card skimming’. Skimming would allow wallets without RFID to become prone to contactless card devices that can activate your cards and steal your cash unknowingly. As a crime rising in popularity due to the increasing prevalence of contactless cards, RFID Security is quickly becoming a must in any modern-day wallet. 


Final Verdict

Since owning the DUN Fold Wallet for almost 7 years, this wallet is one I can confidently say has survived the test of time. As seen by the video here (and above), the Fold Wallet has survived daily use over this time period with very little wear/tear and no damage to the overall structure and integrity of the wallet. As can be seen, the wallet still looks fresh, and with a little, TLC to the leather could easily last another 7 years. Functionality-wise, the wallet is laid out in such a way that everything is easily accessible and, to this day, it still remains one of my favorite wallets to use. 

At a price tag of $70.00, the DUN Fold is by no means a cheap wallet. But personally, I think it’s worth the price tag. Whether it be down to its ingenious layout/design, premium quality full-grain leather, or durability, the wallet is unique as it is functional and isn’t overpriced for the quality of the wallet. For more information on the DUN Fold Wallet, and to discover the full range of wallets, visit the DUN official website using the link below. 


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