The Ekster Modular Wallet Review

The Modular Bifold Wallet is Popular wallet brand Ekster’s first attempt at a regular wallet very different from their popular popup wallet range. Ekster themselves need no introduction as over the past 4 years has built an empire in the wallet world producing and developing some of the most popular wallets in the world today. This includes the likes of the Ekster Parliament and Senate both funded through Kickstarter raising more than $100,000 in a fine example of crowdfunding success.

Over the past few years, we’ve reviewed many of the Ekster wallet range. For more information on some of their most popular wallets check out the quick access links below. 

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Look & Design

The first thing that attracts most people to any of the Ekster Wallets is their clean, sleek, and really premium look and feel. There’s no doubt that Ekster has done a great job of providing a wallet range that gives a high-quality all-round package and the Modular wallet is no different. Made from a Full Grain Leather sustainably sourced and mindfully processed using ECCO Leather’s new DriTan technology. ECCO is a leather tannery that is trying to break the trend of using tons of water in the leather manufacturing process, a big issue in traditional tanneries in water wastage.

Ekster is also known for its premium use of materials and color range. These colors include the likes of deep brown, lighter tan, or black color all that all fit into a very vintage style – one that you could definitely call hipster. Inside the Modular Wallet also includes a secondary ‘accent’ color which adds to the overall look and feel of the wallet. Finally, the wallet is also lined with RFID technology that helps protect your credit/debit cards against the so-called contactless fraud. Great if this is a concern for you. 


Functionality & Utility 

With innovation in mind the Modular Bifold looks like any typical bi-fold, but in reality, is a highly creative and unique take on a traditional leather wallet of this type. This is because of the wallet’s removable magnetic cardholder that adds as a literal second wallet to the already Ekster bifold. This cardholder sits on the left-hand side and connects to the bifold with 2 sets of strong magnets. It’s sort of a modern-day passcase wallet with magnets allowing you to choose between the use of one, the other, or both depending on your individual needs for that day. 

Overall the magnets are fairly strong, but in some cases, I did find myself pulling away the cardholder when trying to retrieve credit/debit cards from the wallet itself. I think it pays to be extra gentle and not forceful when trying to access cards from the cardholder when still connected to the bi-fold. That being said, make the magnets too strong and you could run into demagnetization issues (your credit cards might stop working). So for Ekster, this might have been a good compromise. 


The wallet’s capacity is fairly average which is mainly due to its smaller size of 1.1 x 8.2 x 21.5 cm. I found you could store around 12+ cards with a recommended capacity of 7 – 8. This is using both the bi-fold and removable cardholder split amount both wallets 4 card slots. Bills are stored within a traditional style full-width cash slot (around 10+) and can easily store the majority of currencies including larger sized bills like euros and pounds sterling.

Final Verdict

The Ekster Modular Wallet retails at a price tag of $89.00 which is very much on point for an Ekster Wallet (this is actually the cheapest in their collection). $89.00 is by no means a cheap wallet and I’d be lying if I said you could definitely find cheaper bi-fold alternatives at a lesser price. That being said, the Modular wallet is highly innovative being the only wallet of its type, as far as I’m aware, in the world. Ekster is also a brand that you can 100% trust being one of the largest dedicated manufacturers of wallets in the world. 

I really enjoyed my time using the Modular Wallet. It felt like a comfortable pick for a seamless and uncomplicated everyday carry wallet. The idea of being able to choose between the smaller cardholder or larger bi-fold took some getting used to but ended up being my favorite aspect of the wallet. I could nip out to the local shop with just the cardholder or bring the entire bi-fold during longer outings. A recommended wallet for those that can afford it. For more information regarding the Modular Wallet by Ekster check out their official website using the link below. 


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